The Story Of Us

We were best friends. Then the big city with the bright lights called to him , and he left. Who thought his terrible driving could bring us back together.


2. 3 years later

'Mom, the eggs are getting cold, you better hurry up!' I cried up to my mum, who was in her room getting ready.

'I'm coming hunny, you lay the table I will be down in a second.' She replied. I started to set the table as I saw my mum scurry into the room. 'Mmmmmm smells delicious,' she said as she came over to me and gave me a kiss on the top of my head.

I put the food on the table and ushered her to sit down. I then turned on the TV and switched to the news. Sitting down at our dining room table I dug into my meal.

'Eliza look, Justin's on TV.' She turned the tv so we could watch it from the kitchen table.

A serious looking woman appeared on the screen. 'Justin Bieber has claimed that he is taking time off to travel home and refresh his memory of his home town. Look out Beliebers, JB's going home.' After her quick speak an image of Justin wearing a purple snap cap flashed on the screen, then returned to the normal news.

I looked down at my bacon. He was coming back, probably not to see me, but still. He was coming back.

'So, I may have forgot to mention that we got invited out to dinner.' My mum said shyly looking down at her meal.

I looked at her, she hadn't told me something. 'Really, well it will be nice to go out, who are we going with?' I inquired looking at her.

'Justin, he's coming back to town and Pattie called and said it would be really nice to meet up again. Just like the old times.' She replied, 'You were the best of friends, it will be fun.'

'Fine, I just don't see why he would want to see me,' I said, 'He's changed so much, become so famous that everyone knows who he is. And what am I? I'm just me.'

'Don't be stupid Eliza' she told me firmly.

I got up from the table, taking my plate with me, 'Yeah, cos what I'm thinking is really stupid.'

'Don't talk to me like that missy, you know he'll be pleased to see you. Anyway the dinner is tonight,so be ready because we are meeting them at the restaurant at 8.'

'Fine, whatever,' I replied walking out of the room.

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