No Third Wheel

This is my first movella so no bad commments!!! Abby surprises her bff with meet and greet tickets for one direction there like fav band ever!! when harry falls for morgan abby is forced to hang with them when niall comes into the picture everything happens!!!!!!!


1. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!

Abby's P.O.V

Finally, I thought to myself. I have meet and greet one direction tickets ahhhhhhhh!!!!! I can't wait to tell Morgan she will fareeckk when she finds out!!!!! I pulled up to the apartment complex prepared for tears did i mention it's her birthday!!! Oh almost forgot! Hi i'm Abby garter  i'm 18, and I live with my best friend Morgan Breann. The reason we live with each other is because both our parents our alcoholics and we couldn't bare it anymore! so we moved in this little apartment  on the popular side of town where all the popstars stayed! We had already meet Christina agularia she stayed next to us but that was about it! Anyways I opened the door "HAPPY BDAY BUG(that's her nickname"I screamed. She turned around and i gave her the tickets she was crying i was too. It was the best bestfriend moment ever!

Morgans P.O.V

"HAPPY BDAY BUG" Abby screamed she dropped tickets in my hand i looked down at them slowly.I started crying they were ONE DIRECTION MEET AND GREET TICKETS!!!!!!!!!! "OMG" I screamed we were gonna meet one direction! " How long were you in line for these?" "Does it matter we are meeting one direction!!!" She said. yaya!!!! I was so happy. The concert was tonight "Omg your such a bitch you didnt give me time to get ready!!!" "You have 4 hours!" She said was she crazy it was at least gonna take me five hours! "Well im hungry lets go get a bit to eat" " Kk wanna go to nandos?" "Sure wait let me change k?" "Ya me too" I changed into some red short shorts and a red tank then i put a white see throw top on and some red Tom's. Abby came down in a pink ruffled top and jeans with pink sparkly Tom's on i swear that girl has some great ideas she had a chain necklace on with one direrction writen on the bottom and 1D earrings DAMMIT i hate when she looks better than me! I grabbed my keys we got in my car and drove to nando's!

Niall's P.O.V

"AYE HURRY IT UP WILL YA DAMN HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO DO YOUR HAIR ZAYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed i was hungry and we were suppose to already be at nandos "Alright alright im coming god"Zayn came hurddling down the steps of our flat "Can you give a guy sometime sheesh Niall" "Well sorry if im tired of mcdonalds and that shit and want real food!" I felt bad for screaming but oh well i was hungry"Sorry mate didnt mean to yell just hungry you get it right?" apparently he got it so we went to nando's. we pulled in and went inside "Im sorry sir but .......Wait your One direction!!!!!" The lady screamed. Really, i thought to myself, another fan i just wanna eat." Yes were one direction can we have a seat please?" "Sure oh wait im sorry we are unexpectedly full tonight so um If you will just follow me this way" she walked us to a table were to VERY attractive girls were sitting reading there menus one had brunette hair and smelled like a flower she was wearing a pink shirt and jeans and toms and a 1D neclace and earrings wow i didnt care if she was a fan i wanted to get to know her , feel her , taste her, NIALL stop stop, i thought to myself" Hey girls you will have to move so One direction will have a seat now GET UP!!!!!"" wait we would be happy to share a table with them" "Not nessisacry these girls can get up they arnt famous like you" " We don't have to move he just said they wouldn't mind to share" that was the blond obviously a harry fan i can read people good! " ya it's fine" I sat down by the brunette she was so beautiful i just wanted her i started humming and song and she followed my lead " hi i'm Niall what's your name love?" she looked up at me we were staring into each others eye her eyes were just a beautiful shade of blue well one thing in common so far " I'm Abby " She said. Abby it fit her so perfectly all i thought about until the concert was abby.

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