No Third Wheel

This is my first movella so no bad commments!!! Abby surprises her bff with meet and greet tickets for one direction there like fav band ever!! when harry falls for morgan abby is forced to hang with them when niall comes into the picture everything happens!!!!!!!


4. Slumber party

Niall's P.O.V

OH MY GOD i just messed our plan up i asked them to sleep over what the fuck niall!!! i guess Louis could tell i was beating myself up about it cause he said "Nice going mate" "Thank's asshole just kidding" "I knew you were" after that we all whent to the concert and right in the front row was , Beautiful as ever, was abby and her blonde friend morgan, who doesn't compare to abby in anyway, god she was so beautiful her lips were pink her body hour glass fine(at the same time the boys were introducing them selvees and it just happend to be nialls turn) " and im zayn.......and im zayn" (in whisper)" mate it's your turn" " (in loud voice) Oh ya im niall the irish one"

Abby's P.O.V

Omg Niall was so gorgeus with his blonde hair, light sky blue eyes, and inviting lips, no abby no you are not crushing on niall james horan the irish boy band hottie, NO WAIT YOU WERE HE IS SO FINE. Tonight you can not imbarrese you self or i will kill you " Quit starring your making it obvious" " What's obvious" "That you want in them tight little skinny jeans" i was blushing a storm over here in my seat " Oh my god shut up and i do not me and niall are just friends" " ya with benifets" " well you want into harry's um ya know trouser's so.." she was pissed" really " "sorry" i knew i went to far " it's fine it's just i know he doesn't like me" i felt like a mother fucking bitch the whole concert.

Harry's P.O.V

after the concert

Morgan and Abby were coming to the apartment in like 5 minutes and i didn't have my shirt off or colone on or anything what was i gonna do in 5 minutes! The door bell rung and i still needed colone so i egnored it. it rung again i ready i ran to the door leaned against the door frame put the hottest smile on my face and opened the door at that time i relized i didn't put my trousers on. Morgan was red like cherry red. I ran to my room and i heard this " well at least now you know what size condom you need" "shut the fuck up what if he hears you then he will know i fucking like him" " bitchy jkjk ok i won't say anything else" "thank you" Yes!!!!! she likes me better yet she want's in my trousers oh hshit no not with this one i am diturmond to stay true and not cheat after all how could i there is not a girl who can beet morgan in a preety contest " um sorry girls he was just fresh out the shower he usualky wears trousers" i could tell that was liam or daddy directioner. Whatever as long as he doesn't flirt with morgan im good i put trousers on and went downstairs to find zayn was sitting by morgan my blood was boiling and i yelled as loud as i could "ZAYN!!!!!!' " What!" he was scared " GET UP!!!" he got up ii sat down and she smiled yess i got her!

Niall's P.O.V

The girls were here i got abby and brought her to my room i heard her friend say uh lala but i was just telling her where she was sleeping and OTHER things. " Uh this is where you can sleep i will sleep on the couch" "we can share if you want" silence " I mean the room you can get a air mattress and stuff you know " she contiued that's when she got up and walked over to me and said " confession i have a crush on you niall james horan" it was pitch black but i could tell she was blushing and only inches away from my face " confession i fancy you too" i was now i looked like i just got slapped in the face with wood that's when it happend the most wonderful thing in to world!

authers notes 

sorry for nialls short chapter and sorry for not updateing but here you go i have been on vacay so sorry love you bunches love bugs

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