No Third Wheel

This is my first movella so no bad commments!!! Abby surprises her bff with meet and greet tickets for one direction there like fav band ever!! when harry falls for morgan abby is forced to hang with them when niall comes into the picture everything happens!!!!!!!


2. Limo Ride

Harry's P.O.V

Oh my god, I thought to myself. I just let my mind run wild about her. Her name,"Shit!!!" I said out loud oh shit i thought to myself."What?" Liam asked me "Her name i forgot to ask her name!!" I put my head in my hands "Awwww Harry" Louis hugged me "It's alright Hazza" " Hey they have meet and greet tickets anyways harry" that was Zayn "Wait they have meet and greet so they get to hang with us after the concert until we want them to go home?" Almost a scream came out of niall "Ya you honestly didnt see them clutched in morgans hands?" "Morgan that's her name?" yes i found out her name yayay " so they get to hang with us thats cool" I was trying not to freck out but the boys could tell" awww little hazza has a crush on a wittle girl awwww" i hit louis .... Hard. "oww bastard i was just teasing" "never tease me" I said in a darth vader voice "hahahah" we all burst into laughter it was hilarious!!! we ahd to go get ready for the concert the hole time i got dressed i was thinking aboout morgan how here skim looked as soft and a feather and how her hair blew just the right way when we all whent are seperate i knew i would have her. 

Louis P.O.V

That girl was so beautiful i just can't stop think about her body shape it was flawless. Her lips were a lite shade of pink i couldn't stop thinking of her but you could tell niall fancyed her and i had elenor so who was i kidding i couldn't have her. No, no,no, no, no, no i had to quit thinking about her. While we were getting dressed i thought i should tell niall so when she came and we asked her to go on tour with us that she could pick if should like us but we got a fair try. "uh Niall" "ya lou?" "can i speak with you please" " ya lou whatcha need me for?" "uh Niall i wanna tell you this so here goes" niall backed up " wow wow are you trying to tell me your coming out of the closet lou cuz if so i just wanna make it clear that..." I interrupted him" ew no niall i wanted to tell you i like abby too don't be made at me your my best mate and i don't want a girl coming between us" "ah it's cool it's her disicion anyways" " ah good thanks mate" "welcome oh and lou" "ya mate" "your front doors opened" "shit thanks niall" thats imbaressing glad i didn't go on stage like that!

Liam's P.O.V

"Well guys lets all head down to the concert arena" I said we got in the limo and i put the black screen up so the limo driver didnt hear our conversation. The limo had alcholic dinks and then regular like cokes and water so i had a coke and by the time we reached the arena the drink holder was empty on the regular and we left the alcohol for after the concert ok i can't take this anymore i know a secret about zayn and i cant keep it anymore i have to tell harry but what if harry think im just being an ass? No Liam Harry is your best mate you have to tell him but so is zayn and you promised while i battled myself in my head we walked up the stairs to the backstage where simon was ready to give us our rules.


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