No Third Wheel

This is my first movella so no bad commments!!! Abby surprises her bff with meet and greet tickets for one direction there like fav band ever!! when harry falls for morgan abby is forced to hang with them when niall comes into the picture everything happens!!!!!!!


3. Before concert madness

Ashley's P.O.V

Omg Niall Horan was at Nando's and we got to sit with him and now we get to hang out with them after the concert but idk who i like more louis niall or liam help me dicide in the comments. back to reality Morgan and I came back from nando's i go tin the shower i thought about niall and the boys the whole time. i calmly let the water flow down my body. It was so peacful until Morgan started pounding on the door!!! "Hurry up Abby i need to look and smell good too!!" " Alright" i got out dried off put the towel around me and walked to my room yelling "IM OUT OF THE FUCKING SHOWER HAPPY NOW!!" and her answer was "YES" God she gets on my nerves somtimes but you gotta love her. When i got in my room i put my clothes on i wore some black short shorts and a really low tank with my blue jean jacket. Then, i dried my brownish redish hair and curled it then i put my 1D necklace on and some black stud earrings and some black toms i looked fly if i do say so myself! When morgan got out i went and put on lite makeup with a smoky eye and everything else!

Morgan's P.O.V

When i got out of the shower(or should i say cold shower ABBY) i went to my room and changed into my clothes i put a really body tight skirt on(don't judge i had to look go for harry) then i put a low cut black tank on with my heels witch had ruffles on them then i got my 1D necklace(identical to abby's) Then i straightend my blond hair and put on lite makeup with a smokey eye. then we got in the car and drove to the concert the cool lthing is we got to hang out with them before and after the party and we had front row seats right in the middle too yaya this was gonna be fun!

Niall's P.O.V

So Louis told me that he liked Abby too. Well, that caught me off guard i was so mad then i thought why are you mad your not together.Yet!!!!! We had 5 minutes until it was time for Abby and Morgan to show up! I started doing my hair when i heard a knock on the door. No!! Not yet they can't be here now! I'm not ready yet!!! "Liam stall them!!!" "Why do i need to stall simon he is here to tell us the rules and give us our song list" "Nevermind" I felt so dumb i was really obsessing over this girl i told myselfi was going to ask her out..........Tonight! Then i heard a knock on the door i still wasnt ready "Harry get the door!!!!" i yelled harry got the door i finished when i walked in the room the most beautiful girl was standing there "woooww" is all i got out i was so embaressed my face was red.

Ashley's P.O.V

"wooww" is all i heard when i walked in. It was Niall he was standing there just...... staring.... it was akward but cute at the same time" sorry he is not himself at this time" i saw Liam " oh that's ok we are excited too" it was really akward by then everybody was silent "boys time to start it was really nice to meet you abby and morgan see u backstage"is all simon said the intire day to us " ya guys les go reel nice to see you again love" zayn said as he kissed me and morgans cheeks a almost melted there in there living room next harry came over to us " i can't wait to spend the entire night with you morgan i mean girls i mean never mind" he walked away looking embarressed "he is so cute" morgan said next was Liam" Looking gorgeous girls hope you got good seats!" next Louis "Girls you look just absolutly stunning( he kissed our cheeks encredibly close to my lips) by love!" he said that to me i had butterflies. Last was Niall " Girls after this we will be spend the entire night together so i hope you live close cuz we are having a slumber party!!! Oh No!!


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