Make You Mine

Alice loves Liam but Alice also loves Harry. She doesn't know who to choose or which path to go down. Her affair with Harry is getting more dangerous by the second and they almost get caught. Her plan was to break up with Liam ,but what happens when Liam proposes. Find out who Alice choice is in Make You Mine.


5. What about us?

---- Alice POV--- As the maid walk in my heart beat started  beating so fast.  " Um sorry Mr. Payne I can see your busy" she said in her heavy accent and left. " Oh God she thought I was Liam" Harry said " Thank God imagine her telling everyone maybe from the back and from a distance you do look like Liam " I replied as he laughed with me. I got off his lap. " Harry I'm sorry that was such a close call I think we should end...... us" I said randomly " But Alice I thought you loved me" he replied " I did I mean-" I began to say before he interrupted me " What do you mean you did" he shouted " Harry one day you'll find a girl who you love more than me and more beautiful than me that isn't taken but I am and I'm gonna marry Liam" I said softly " What if I didn't want another girl what if I just want you" he asked " We can't be together" I replied " Why, why can't we--- Wait don't answer that I know you love Liam more than me just leave" he replied " HARRY I CAN'T JUST DO THIS TO LIAM AND IF YOUR MAD I FRANKLY DON'T EVEN GIVE A DAMN" I yelled " don't you think us is wrong because----" I stopped as I heard the door open. "Alice I'm home" I heard Liam say " Harry you know forget you I'm done with us with you if you don't want to participate in the marriage than I don't care" I said as I left

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