Make You Mine

Alice loves Liam but Alice also loves Harry. She doesn't know who to choose or which path to go down. Her affair with Harry is getting more dangerous by the second and they almost get caught. Her plan was to break up with Liam ,but what happens when Liam proposes. Find out who Alice choice is in Make You Mine.


2. Should've Said No

" Alice can you come down here for a second" I heard Liam yell " Sure babe" I said I ran down the stairs. To see a Liam on the couch. " Where is everyone else" I asked " They went out" he replied. He gestured for me to sit next to him. He wasn't smiling he looked very serious. Many thoughts flashed through my brain. Maybe he found out about me and Harry. " Alice you love me right" he asked shaking " I love you Liam" I replied nervously. " Close your eyes then" he said as I did as he said I heard him leave then come back " Open your eyes" he said as he handed me a toothbrush. " Liam you gave me one of these already" I said laughing " No I didn't this is way more special read the message on the back" he said. As I read it I put my over my mouth. Will you marry me and be mine forever and always it said. I turned around and saw Liam on one knee with a ring. I started tearing up as I saw him. " So what do you say" Liam asked beaming. I needed to say no for me an Harry so I didn't lead Liam on so when he found out it wouldn't be like this but I didn't. " Yes a million times yes" I said with a smile. I knew for a fact that Harry was gonna hate me for this.
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