Make You Mine

Alice loves Liam but Alice also loves Harry. She doesn't know who to choose or which path to go down. Her affair with Harry is getting more dangerous by the second and they almost get caught. Her plan was to break up with Liam ,but what happens when Liam proposes. Find out who Alice choice is in Make You Mine.


4. Im Sorry

 I'm sorry
Everyone was at the pizza parlor expect me and Harry who wouldn't leave his room so I decided to go see him now just in case it gets out of hand.
---Harry's POV----
I heard a knock on my door which was probably Alice since we were the only ones in the house. " Come in its opened" I said I saw her she was so beautiful and then was currently engaged what else could go wrong. " Um Harry" she said I didn't answer " What's wrong" she asked Then she was behind me touching my hair. I pulled her into my lap. " God Alice I told you to breakup with him and now your engaged" I said " I promise I will" she said as she kissed me at that moment my door slammed open.

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