Make You Mine

Alice loves Liam but Alice also loves Harry. She doesn't know who to choose or which path to go down. Her affair with Harry is getting more dangerous by the second and they almost get caught. Her plan was to break up with Liam ,but what happens when Liam proposes. Find out who Alice choice is in Make You Mine.


3. Green with Envy


Today was when Liam and I were gonna tell everyone were engaged. I was nervous as I felt his hand softly tug mine. He was nervous too. "Um guys we have something very important to tell you guys" Liam said seriously "OMG GIRL ARE YOU PREGNANT" Louis shouted. I giggled " No Louis No".  "Then what" Harry asked annoyed " Well Alice and I are engaged" Liam announced Everyone sound happy. " Congrats man can't wait till the date" Niall said and out of nowhere Harry just stormed of " Well what happened to Harry" Zayn asked " I'll go see" I said    A/N:  Sorry this was short but I was kinda busy. I'm going post more soon.  
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