Make You Mine

Alice loves Liam but Alice also loves Harry. She doesn't know who to choose or which path to go down. Her affair with Harry is getting more dangerous by the second and they almost get caught. Her plan was to break up with Liam ,but what happens when Liam proposes. Find out who Alice choice is in Make You Mine.


1. Forbidden Love

2 years. That's how many years Liam and I have been together. 5 months. That's how many months I had an affair with his best friend, Harry. "Hey babe" I heard someone say as they grabbed my waist. I turned around to see Liam. " Morning" I said as I pecked his lips. I was currently making soup. " Ah babe no you made dinner yesterday I'll make breakfast" he said I smiled and walked away I went to take a quick shower and wrapped the towel around my body. I walked into Liam and my room the boys were on tour. As I felt a warm embrace around my body. " Liam I thought you were cooking breakfast" I asked laughing " Um Alice I'm not Liam" a deep voice replied I turned around and saw Harry standing there a little hurt " Harry what if Liam walked in you gotta be more careful" I shouted at him " Well I'm sorry I love a girl that belongs to someone else" he said tearing up " Harry no don't cry I love you too" I replied " If you love me then break up with Liam" he replied before I could give him an answer he left. Great I thought break up with Liam who I loved to be with Harry who I loved.
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