Adopting Science

Ashley Dawson hated her life. Her father was abusive. She tries to make it through but just can't. Her science teacher Mr. Evans is here to the rescue. He saves her from her abusive father and adopts Ashley.


7. chapter 7

We all sit at the table in silence. Quietly eating our dinner. Mr. Evans, I mean dad. That still feels weird for me to say, but he insists on it. Dad tries to make conversation.

"So, how was school?" Justin immediately starts talking. Sue is immersed in Justin. He is telling everyone how they are going to start cursive soon. Noah talks about how he has a big test coming up.

"What about you Ashley?" Sue doesn't take to kindly to this at all.

"Who knows? She'll probably overdramatize the whole situation. She'll just get herself in trouble."

Everyone's mouth drops.

"Noah I want to hear more about your big test." He gives her this sideways glance, like 'are you serious?' I can't believe she just said that. Mr.E! I mean dad doesn't know what to say either.

"What the hell is your problem?!" I stand up and so does she so we're face to face.

"Watch you mouth in front of Justin!"

"NO!" Dear god, please give me the power to slap the stupid bitch out of this woman.

"Go to your room. Now!"

"No! What did I ever do to you? Huh? What have I done to make you hate me?"

"You never should've been born! You ruined my life! I never wanted you! You should be dead!" What the hell? I'm stunned and extremely confused. Her hand immediately covers her mouth. Whatever she just said, she wasn't supposed to. Dad and Noah stand up, trying to make sense of this. She grabs Justin's hand. he tries pulling back.

"I'm putting Justin to bed." Justin is fighting back.

"Sue you are not going anywhere!" Sue ignores dad and tries to walk away with Justin.

"No! She's going to kill me! No! Daddy!" He breaks free and runs to Mr. Evans. Sue looks right at me. Mr. Evans carries Justin to his room. I hear them him trying to calm Justin down. God I hope he come back soon.

"Look at what you've done." What!

"What I did?" Something catches my. She has a huge kitchen knife. Oh my god?! I'm sure its meant for me, but was it meant for Justin too? Did Justin see the knife? Is that why he thought he was going to die? Tears are streaming down her face. She holds the knife up and waves it around as she talks. "You where never meant to live. You ruined my life. You made him hate me. He hit me. He said I screwed up. But I'm about to fix my mistake." She darts at me and I'm pinned beneath her. I'm shocked and scared. I can't move. I watch the blade come down and meet me in the stomach. I can hear Noah trying to pull her off. They are both screaming. The sharp push and pull of each stab is excruciating and somewhat familiar. I can taste the blood rising in my throat. Stab after stab. I can't breath. I try to think. What can I do that can possibly save my life? Think! Don't close your eyes. Don't! I can't breath. How do I make my self breath? I'm getting really tired. My stomach feels like it's disintegrating. I see Mr. Evans pulling her off. But not before she can stab me. The knife hit my spine. Pain is radiating through every vein in my body. Blood is filling my mouth. I'm coughing up the blood in my mouth because it feels like I'm drowning. Warm blood hit my face from me coughing. My eyelids are getting really heavy. Chuck and Chelsea are back. I'm going to die. Mr. Evans is pinning Sue from what I can hear. Noah is calling an ambulance.

"Hurry!" Gosh Noah, your a little loud. I hear Sue thrashing around. God don't let me die! I want to stay! Noah is holding up my head, and he's petting me? Like a dog? No! he thinks I'm going to die! No! I try to tell him no but just end up coughing up more blood.  

"Come on stay awake! No!" He is still petting me. I reach up and grab his hand. He squeezes it real tight. Gosh your gonna squeeze out whatever blood I have left, but I don't care. I'm dying and falling in love at the same time. I try to squeeze his hand back a little. I think it worked because he smiles. I hear the paramedics come in along with a screaming Sue, and a crying Justin. Noah lets go and moves out of the way for the two paramedics. One leaves for a second with a needle in his hand. Sue stops screaming and I see Mr. Evans. He sedated her! Thank god! The paramedics get right to work putting me on a gerney. One is holding lights up to my eyes, the other is trying to tie something around me. Maybe a tourniquet? Mr. Evans holds Justin. They are going to wait here! Noah comes in the ambulance. I should be dead by now. Before I didn't care if I died or not, but now I'm doing everything in my power to keep my eyes open. We begin the bumpy ride to the hospital. Noah grabs my hand. Who cares about eyelids right now, I want to hold his hand. I close my eyes and summon every last bit of everything to give his hand a really tight squeeze.

"Ashley I need you to open your eyes." In a crackly voice Noah starts to talk.

"She is squeezing my hand."

"She is?"

"Yeah, and really hard too." I hear him laugh a little.

"Ashley, can you open your eyes." I force my eyes open. I won't let go of Noah, ever.

"If you can understand me squeeze his hand twice." I squeeze his hand two times. Noah grabs the mans leg and squeezes it twice.

"ok. very good." He finally got done hooking an IV up to my arm and continues squeezing the oxygen mask. With oxygen getting in me, its easier to hold my eyes open and squeeze his hand.

"Are you allergic to any medicine? Squeeze once for no." I squeeze Noah's hand.

"Ok, very good. We are almost there. When we take you out of the ambulance it's going to hurt a bit." We stop and they take me out of the ambulance and into the hospital. More flashlights in my eyes. A bunch of doctors are following the gerney.

"Sir you can't come back with us." The doctors realize it's me who won't let go. they pry my hand off. One doctor says they are prepping me for surgery. I start to feel sleeping and cold. I think I finally have to die. I've been through hell and back. It's time. Goodbye.


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