Adopting Science

Ashley Dawson hated her life. Her father was abusive. She tries to make it through but just can't. Her science teacher Mr. Evans is here to the rescue. He saves her from her abusive father and adopts Ashley.


6. chapter 6

i lie in Noah's bed twisting the ring around my finger. i don't remember having a brother. Noah walks in shaking his head, making water fly everywhere. he has a dark blue towel hanging off his hips. it hangs low enough so that it almost shows everything. his muscles are amazing. i am on the edge of drooling. wait i cant love him! can i?

"oh, hey. um, im sorry for my mom the other night."

"oh, yeah its ok."

he walks to his closet and starts picking out clothes. he picks out black boxer briefs and just drops his towel and slides em' on. i cant believe he just did that. 

"so do i have a nice ass or what?" he smirks with the hugest grin on his face and winks. i blush every single shade of red but keep his gaze. he turns and picks up the towel and starts drying off his hair. once its almost dry he walks toward me. he leans down and our faces are fraction apart. i think hes going to kiss me. i close my eyes but nothing happens he doesn't kiss me. 

"you're sitting on my pajama pants." he smirks. 

"oh. yeah, sorry." i blush. i stand up to to let him get his pants. 

"ow." wow. we just bumped foreheads. we both kind of laugh. i rub my forehead. i look up at Noah. and suddenly the air around us feels electrified. he doesn't even reach for his pajama pants?! he leans forward and presses his lips against mine. heat and desire run wild through my veins. his hand is caressing my neck and thumb skims over my jaw. before his tongue can even ask entrance to mine i open my mouth. the kiss is amazing!the war between our tongues goes on for a while until the need to breath becomes overpowering. he pushes a hair out of my face. 

" well, um. that was," im trying not to sound so flustered. 

" yeah." 

"well im gonna go change." 

"ok." he smiles, and i leave the room. i cant believe that just happened. is it wrong? it certainly did not feel wrong.  

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