Adopting Science

Ashley Dawson hated her life. Her father was abusive. She tries to make it through but just can't. Her science teacher Mr. Evans is here to the rescue. He saves her from her abusive father and adopts Ashley.


2. Chapter 2

I open my eyes. The light woke me up. The sun is my alarm clock. I pull my self out of bed. I look in the window. I try to see if the bruise is too noticeable. It's just right. The color is purple, blue, and green. It's very noticeable but not huge. I strip out of the white t-shirt. I rummage through my dresser. I got cool clothes. Mostly because the lady that owns the local thrift store gives me all the cool clothes she can find. She feels sorry for me. She tries to give me money so I can by food, but I refuse. She slips some twenty's in the pockets of pants and jeans sometimes. Everyone in town knows me and my story. They all feel bad. I pull out a striped black and white lose tank top. It's supposed to hang low so it looks cool. I force my self into a tight small black under shirt and pull on the tank top. I sleep in my bra and undies most of the time. I start looking again. I find faded gray jeans with holes in the knees. I slip it on. I pull on my black ankle high boots. They look like army boots but black. There like punk-pop boots. I weave the string through the loops until they are tight. I slip on a ring or two, a long necklace with miscellaneous things on it and put in my chain earrings. They hang down to my shoulder and the chains are small so its just like thread hanging from my ears. I go to the bathroom. Dad has already left. I plug in the curling iron. I start to curl my hair, and soon all of it is cute and bouncy. My hair is really long. Its brown and so are my eyes. I brush it out a little. I brush my teeth and now I'm ready for school. I put on foundation and I grab my bag. I can't wait to go to school. I love school. I have the best grades.

I start to walk down the gravel. A black car is waiting in the road. It's Mr. Evans. He gives me rides to school because he lives close. Sometimes I walk. I wrap my hand around the cool black silk handle and pull. I slid my self into the leather seat. His two sons are in the back. One is my age and in my grade. We don't talk much. Mr. Evans doesn't tell anyone but the boy knows. He figured it out when we met in 7th grade. He asked what happened to my arm and I couldn't say I fell. I hesitated. He hasn't told. The other boy is maybe 9.

Mr. Evans is wearing a white shirt and a black and blue tie. The pattern is weird. He has black pants and black dress shoes.
"are you ok?"
"yes. I'm fine."
"look at me."
I refuse and look out the window. I didn't put makeup over it. I don't want to show the boys.
"look at me."
I turn my head slightly. He raises his hand. I flinch and pull back a little. Force of habit.
"don't be."
He turns my cheek to see my eye. It was my right eye. My dad is left handed. I search through my bag. I pull out my white sunglasses and put them on.

The boy that's my age is brunette and has brown eyes. He is a little pale. His name is Noah. The littler boy looks just like his brother, but blue eyes. His name is Justin. I like Justin. He is getting older so he has to grow up, but he still has a lot of little kid in him. Mr. Evans starts to drive. He drops Justin off at elementary school first.
"have a good day."
"bye dad. Bye mrs. Ashley."
I don't know why he calls me that. Me and Mr. Evans say it at the same time.
He starts to drive again. We're at the high school. We all get out of the car. I start to walk to the door. Me and Noah hang out before the busses get here. Which takes about half an hour. We help Mr. Evans get his classroom ready for the day and such then we wander around school talking for the rest of the time. We don't talk in school much though. Mr. Evans takes me straight to the nurse. The nurse, the principle, vice principle. Everyone knows. I live in a small town. So no one has ever really been in this kind of situation.

The nurse looks at me. She heads over to the fridge and pulls out an ice pack from the freezer and hands it to me. I take off the glasses. She looks away. Her name is Anne. She has short, curly, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is wearing pink scrubs.
"Anne this has to end now."
She heads to her desk and looks through a drawer. I think they plotted something.
"what are you doing?"
I press the ice pack to my face. Its cold and wet, but it feels good.
"were helping you."
She pulls a camera out of her drawer. The principle walks in. He looks like Mr. Evans. He I wearing a suit and a red tie. He sets his black coffee cup on the counter and walks straight up to me. He gently lifts the ice pack.
"yep. We've got him."
I look at the nurse. She quickly snaps a photo of me. Mr. Evans ran off to make a phone call. Probably to CPS. I'm not sure how to feel during all this. Am I supposed to be happy?
"what's going to happen to me?"
The principle gives me a look.
"I don't know, but your free from him now."
I put the ice pack against my face again.

I sit there with the ice pack against my face for a few minutes as I watch everyone. Noah comes up to me.
"hey. You ok?"
"yeah. I've had worse."
"but you won't anymore."
"but I will be a foster kid. And who wants to adopt a teenager?"
"I don't know, but their must be someone out there that will."
"I didn't want this to happen."
"being taken away from my dad."
"do you love him?"
"no. I don't know. He was my dad. "
No. I don't love my father, but I don't hate him. He is just nothing to me.
"I'm used to my home. I won't fit in if someone does adopt me."
"you will be fine. Come on. Let's walk around."
I leave the ice pack and put the glasses back on.
The principle calls after me.
"collect your things from your locker, someone will be here shortly to get you."
He walks over and hugs me.
"your safe now."
I smile to make him feel better. He goes back to his office. We head for my locker.

I pull out the few items I had in there. Some notebooks with drawings, pens, pencils, calculator, school notebooks, and just some other small stuff. Noah helps me shove it all in my bag. I close the metal door. Mr. Evans comes back. It's a few minutes until the first bell rings.
"we'll help collect your things at home."
My home. That house is all I've ever know.

We pull up to my house. He is home and drunk. I leave my bag in the seat. I step out on to the gravel. I'm leaving him forever now. I take a few steps. He stumbles over to me.
"why are you home?!"
His breath nearly knocks me out. Mr. Evans gets out of the car.
"she is here to collect her things. She will be put in a better home."
This enrages him. He punches me in the same eye. It hurts even more this time. i get the same irritating sensation again. tingling and itching and throbbing. They're back. Chelsea and chuck are back. The force is greater than ever. I'm knocked to the ground.
"you ungrateful little kid!"
He bends down and punches me again. I see Mr. Evans looking for something in his car. I can hardly see him though because Chelsea and chuck are dancing around him. He kicks me in the ribs with his steel toed boots. I can feel the crack. The ribs breaking and stabbing my lungs. He knocked the wind out of me. I'm gasping for air. Punch. Kick. Punch. Kick. I can't hardly see. My vision is messed up. The pain is terrible. I cant feel anything anymore. is that good. but i know he is still hitting me. but i cant feel the pain. Punch. Kick. Stop. He stopped. What made him stop? I try to look around. I see Mr. Evans. He has a metal bat. His shirt has spots all over it and so does the bat. I think he is calling 911. Im bleeding a lot. My blood is warm and somewhat soothing. Mr. Evans is trying to help but the spots are in the way. I know I wont see them ever again. My eyes are tearing up. the tears are warm and also soothing and salty as the drip into my blood filled mouth. The metallic and salty flavor combined is overpowering. It makes my jaw cringe. I try to cry a little more. I close my eyes. Goodbye Chelsea and goodbye Chuck. Thank you for getting me through everything.
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