Adopting Science

Ashley Dawson hated her life. Her father was abusive. She tries to make it through but just can't. Her science teacher Mr. Evans is here to the rescue. He saves her from her abusive father and adopts Ashley.


1. Chapter 1

Mr. Evans was nice. In fact he was my favorite teacher. I'm pretty sure I was his favorite student. He was maybe 34. He had slick black hair and light blue eyes. He had strong features and was just a little pale. All the girls are in love with him. I think it's kind of stupid. They'll never be able to date him. It's illegal. He is funny. He is a high school science teacher. English is my favorite but he is my favorite teacher. I always hang out around his desk and help him grade papers. I have an answer key to grade. All the other kids are doing labs at the stations. My group dissects the frog I just fill out the packet and let them copy. He knows that I do that but he also knows they have the brain the size of a peanut. So their grade kind of depends on me. So he let's it slide.
"so. What are you going to do over the weekend?"
I don't really know.
"maybe just hang out with friends."
"will you do me a favor?"
"sure. What?"
"draw a DNA diagram on the board. Label it and make it 3D. I can't draw like you do."
I grab a black marker and start to draw the twisting lines. I connect the lines and color them in and label. I'm putting finishing touches and at this point I have a crowd.
"all right everyone back to your frogs."
I start to laugh a little. I make my last little line and I'm done.
"tada! One DNA diagram."
"wow. That is amazing!"
I go back to grading papers. I am happy at school. I don't want to go home. Ever.
"so how are things at home?"
He knows things aren't great. He just wants me to say my dad beats me so he can tell the police.
"you know. Ok."
"I do know that's why I ask. You need to say something."
"what? What do I say?"
A student with a question on a paper interrupts. I can't say anything. If I do they will take me away and put me in foster care. I can't ever tell. The bell rings and it startles me.
"Ash. Stay after."
Of corse. I have this talk with him everyday. Everyone starts packing up. I continue grading papers. It's time to go home so he can't keep me after to long. I don't want to get in trouble. Everyone is gone.
"I know what happens. You need to say something."
"I can't. They will take me away and I will have know one. That will be much worse."
"so. You'll be safe."
"fine. You want this to end so badly. Fine. I'll get you proof."
"no. Don't do that."
"it won't hurt that bad. I'm used to it after a few years."
"I don't care you can't do it."
"I will be fine."
I hope I will be fine anyway.
"be careful. Ok?"
"bye Ashley."
"bye mr. Evans."
I grab my worn out gray messenger bag and my notebook and leave. I stop in the doorway. I think he is upset now.

I walk up the steps of my crapy white house. Well I think it used to be white. There is trash everywhere. He drinks and hoards everything since my mom died. I don't have any other relatives. Or at least I don't think I do. I kick the door. It kind of unlocks. The lock doesn't work. So my dad just jams the door shut before he leaves to go to the bar. He doesn't get extremely drunk. Just enough so that he gets mad over the stupidest stuff. I push open the door. I lay my stuff on the worn out couch. I walk to the fridge. My kitchen is disgusting. Dishes piled high, half eaten twinkies on the counter. I open the door. It has rotten fruit and other random foods. I shut the door. I hear my dad trying to kick open the door. I'm scared now. The door flies open. He is a big man. He is tan. His eyes scare me the most. Their like a black color. He has very strong features and black hair that is turning gray. He isn't drunk. He has steel toed boots, a red shirt and dark jeans. He should be at least a little drunk. I don't know why he isn't.
"I need you to go to the store to get some food. Now."
"I can't."
I know I will get hit. He always hits me, but I'm the only person that can talk to him. Any other person would do as he says, but I don't. I don't do as he says because I know I'll just get hit even if I do. So I don't do what he demands, I get hit. I do as he says, and I still get hit. He likes to use his fists. He is a very strong and powerful man.
"you will do as I say!"
"no I will not. You and I both know that. Go to the store your self."
He walks over to me. He tries to intimidate me. I just stare at him. He takes a step back. He will swing now, or he will say one more thing and then he hits me.
"do it now."
He arches his fist back and lets it fly. I'm knocked to the ground. The punch is blinding. The numbness spreads through my face. Tingling and itching. My face feels as if its about to crack. The room is spinning. I'm seeing black and white spots. My face is throbbing. It feels like he hit me with free weights. The dots are whirling around in my view. I've gotten used to seeing these dots. I named them Chelsea and chuck. Like chess and checkers. The white dot is Chelsea and the black dot is chuck. I don't know how to play either of them. They dance around the room. I named them after chess and checkers because the board is black and white and so are the pieces. I've seen red boards before too. Chelsea and chuck are my friends, in my mind anyway. They tell me everything will be ok. They reassure me. I make them say that. Even though they're my friends, I don't ever want to see them again. He always hits me in the face. I have to put loads of makeup on or I wear sunglasses. I think this one is sunglass worthy. It will hurt too much in the morning.
"your useless."
"and yooour an ass."
The hit is making me stutter a little. He never gets mad when I call him names like that, just when I disobey. He knows he is an ass, but he can't change. I go to my room. There is nothing in here except for and old wooden dresser that my dad made out of old ply wood, and a mattress with a blanket and a pillow. It's really just a big wooden box. No drawers. I call it a dresser because it makes me feel a little better. I take off the blue tank top and jean shorts. I throw them in the corner. I pull on a over sized white t-shirt and go to bed. It's probably like 5:00, but I'm so tired of my life. Some light shines through the window. A big bush is in front of it. I don't have any lights in my room. I hope I got enough proof.
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