Don't Leave

This story is about a horse who lives in a shelter and keeps going to different homes but every one ends up abandoning her but one day a girl comes along but youl just have to read now wont you?


3. Lost.

It had been 2 years since we got to my owner Leo's house. He had been working me and Jasper and today was the big day. The day of actual work. He was going to attach Jasper's little cart to him and my saddle and bridle to me. As he did this he babbled on about how he was going to go get the groceries and he would be right back to load them into Jasper's cart and he had been given a special job going to ride me and lead Jasper all the way down to Star Terrace for a special delivery. As he left the stall for the groceries me and Jasper stated talking about how he was getting quite a lot older then he used to be. When he  found The us he was only a scrawny little 10 year old. Now he is Twelve and he is quite a lot bigger. He came back from his house struggling to hold all the groceries. he named all of the veggies and fruit and counted them. Pleased with himself he set us off at a brisk rot towards Star Terrace


***Leo's POV***


I have been growing a lot recently and as I come from a gypsy family, well I don't know if it is all gypsies or just my family, i have to move out as soon as I am 13. It is nearing my dreaded birthday soon so I need to start trying to find a place to live. Maybe I can live in a old caravan! about...THE FOREST!!!!!!


I know I know it sounds crazy but sometimes it actually works! And one of the best bits is if I position my house close enough to the track, I can see the hunt come past every weekend! I love the I wish I could be there galloping along.....but my family don't allow it oh no! they hate stuff like that. Anyway, off to Star Terrie.


***Jaspers POV***


I like this boy.....Leo. He seems nice even if he put this harness on me I Iike the feeling of carrying my owner, it makes me feel proud. Even if he is directing me a little to hard i just obey because want to. I don't feel like because he is my owner he rules me. I just feel like he is a friend and I am doing him favours! yes that's it a Favouring Friend! Not a helper, a Favouring Friend!

Karla likes him as well, I think she likes him more then I do, maybe, just maybe.......Nah I love him a bit more. We just stopped at Star terrae when i said "Karla? Do you think Leo is acting strangly today? I do" Karla replied almost immediately "i know right! he forgot to give is our mash this morning im Starving with a capital S!" i followed up saying " i thought you liked him?" Karla snapped at me then "Just shut up Jasper!" I snivelled down and hung my head low to the ground. She had snapped at me before just not this badly. I decided i would see Leo again soon but not Karla. As i was so small i wiggled out of my harness and started cantering away. Karla was calling out to me but i did not listen. My canter soon turned into a gallop as I headed for the woods. I stupidly twisted my head around to see Karla looking very sad and crying. She let leo get on her then walked slowly back home as Leo Told her off for not stopping me but then snuggled into her mane and they cried all the way home together. As soon as they were out of sight i stopped.I had no reason to carry on......I was Lost.

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