Don't Leave

This story is about a horse who lives in a shelter and keeps going to different homes but every one ends up abandoning her but one day a girl comes along but youl just have to read now wont you?


2. Catched.

Me and Jasper(The Shetland) have been friends for a long while, since i saved him. We were wild i guess. We were bored so we ended up chasing each other round the grass patch we were grazing on. Then I felt a chill down my back....someone was watching. There washable small older then ten, just watching me and Jasper play on the grass. He took a certain amount of interest in me and then I gathered up the courage to walk up to him and his dog that was by his side. I could talk all animal languages including human so I asked the dog what he was doing. It turns out he wanted to catch me as I looked thin and Jasper to feed us. He said his name was Sam and his owner was called Leo. Just then I caught something in the corner of my eye...a rope. He was planning to catch me I suspected. So I did what any other wild pony would do, I ran. Suddenly I started to slow down....I had forgotten Jasper! I quickly twisted my head around and was relieved to see Jasper galloping right behind me,almost on my tail.


The next day the boy was back again with his dog but this time, without a rope in his hand. he seemed okay and Sam reassured me he was a fantastic boy. I was calmer around him because Sam had told me That Leo was simply a boy who needed a pony to transport him to houses as he was working for a grocer. i agreed to let him catch me if i liked him. I kept my distance for a while but days passed and I finally gathered up the courage to walk up to him. he put his hand out and closed his eyes. He then opened them in shock to find i had nudged my nose into is small palm. He stepped back and ran back to Sam who had been sitting there the whole time smiling and as they ran back to their house i could swear on my life Sam turned and winked at me.


The next few days went past in a blur. i let him pat me daily and he seemed to take a shine to Jasper too. he told me one day that i would be perfect to give him a ride each day to different houses and Jasper could pull a little cart with all the groceries in. Then on one fine Australian summer day, he came up to me and Jasper holding to halters. I understood what he meant and let him slip it over my ears and lead me away,But, Jasper on the other hand did not know what it was and reared in fright then cantered away,but then came back when i told him if he did not come he would be all alone. Leo led us in to a roomy stable and laid down bedding and food and water. He settled us in then went to his own room to go to bed himself.



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