Traveling rose

Rose doesn't like change, or moving places, but when her widowed mother falls for a gypsy traveller she has no choice. Follows rose's adventures as she has too deal with new family, a new dad, and countless new homes as they travel across the open country.


4. Winter and Tom


Suddenly a few small patches appeared in the distance, we stood up and collected our boxes together, as the shapes got nearer we saw that it was a little old gypsy carraige, painted with blue roses and little brown birds, a boy about my age and winter sat steering the two black  horses, they both smiled at us, winter jumped down and gave mum a huge hug and a kiss, the boy jumped down as well. "hi" I said awkwardly as he took the boxes from me.
"hey there " he smiled. I couldn't help melting inside. I mentally slapped myself. The first guy I see and I go all mushy? Seriously. He laughs as if he can hear what I'm thinking... And for a moment I'm worried I Said all that out loud, but dismissed the idea. I go over too the horses, they are beautiful, with long thick manes, they have small blue rope halters, attaching them too the long reins.

,When the boy had finished with the boxes he wipes his hands on his trousers, and for the first time I notice he is bear  foot- strange. Then I remember the horses and the carriage, well that's not exactly the most normal thing either..

Winter said hello too me briefly and gave me a quick hug, then hopped into the caravan/carriage with mum, and the boy gestured for  me too jump up next to him.
"So your Rose ?"
I couldn't tell where he was from, his accent was northern-ish, with a mix of Manchester, welsh and Scottish. It sounds impossible, but that's what he sounds like.
"umm yeah." I cringe as I forget to ask him myself what his name was. I must sound so rude!
I blush furiously and look at the rolling hills and the misty green blue sea.
"I'm Tom." he says as he gets the horses moving at a walk.
"cool, where do you guys um live?" I stutter.
"anywhere and everywhere."
He smiles and looks ahead at the grass we're moving over . I cant help noticing He has eyes the colour of the reads, a greeny-brown, lightly tanned skin, and long brown hair, that brushes his eyelashes. 
Then it clicked, no shoes, gypsy carriage, black horses, no shoes, 'accommodation problems' all adds up.
"your travellers right? Gypsy's ?"
Tom smirks,
 "we like to call ourselves adventures- but yeah, If you like" 
I sit back against the seat and close my eyes. I think I just might fit in here.
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