Traveling rose

Rose doesn't like change, or moving places, but when her widowed mother falls for a gypsy traveller she has no choice. Follows rose's adventures as she has too deal with new family, a new dad, and countless new homes as they travel across the open country.


11. Regrets

We walked back to camp, His arm still tight around me, i continuasly tried too distract him and make him, (i kmow it sounds a bit harsh but) go away! However he kept guiding me and ocasionally rubbed his hands up and down my arms,

"I'm not cold...." I mumbled

He laughed. "Would you prefere it if i hated you?"

I held back the urge too say yes and bit my lip. He saw the look in my face and he looked away, i thought i may of seen a tear but i assumed it was just the trick of the sunlight as he looked back at me and smiled.


We reached the edge of the camp and i closed my eyes and hoped me and Tom would detatch before Electra saw us, three words; No.Such.Luck. She started to jog over

"Tom! Where have you b-" She stopped and her eyes narrowed, giving me a lookm that made me want to jump back in the river and snag my hair back under the rock.

Electra pushed between me and Tom and snaked her arm around his waste. She kissed his neck and started to walk away withn him in tow, she gave me a ugly smirk over her shoulder then didnt look back. I shivered then snuck back into my tent to warm up.


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