Traveling rose

Rose doesn't like change, or moving places, but when her widowed mother falls for a gypsy traveller she has no choice. Follows rose's adventures as she has too deal with new family, a new dad, and countless new homes as they travel across the open country.


7. Mapel, Elise and Electra


The next day, I wake up early, greeted by the sunrise creeping between and under the curtains. I get up slowly, trying not to wake mum, but as I pull on a thick hoody that was poking out of one of the cardboard boxes, I whack my hand on the roof of the carriage. "Sshhhhhiiiiteee" I hiss to myself, as mum stirs in her sleep- but she doesn't  wake.

To my surprise quite a few people are up,Tom is sat by the dwindling fire, I smile to myself and walk over and sat next to him. 
"oh hiya, sleep well?" He smiles, his fringe covering the edge if his eyes. 
"um yeah, surprisingly..."
He chuckles, then tucks a strand of hair behind my ear, then loans of towards a nearby tent. I can't help feeling butterfly's in the pit of my stomach. 

Winter soon gets up and offers me some breakfast- homemade bread and some orange juice. I sit on the steps of the carriage and  gulp it all down quickly and head inside too wake mum.

After waiting what felt like forever for mum to get ready we walk over to see Winter-  he then sits mum down next to the nice lady I had seen the night before, and leads me to  one of the larger tents. He calls inside- "hey!! Girls  Come on out and meet Rose!"
Slowly three girls appear. Winter gestures to the smallest
"Mapel....." she has a typical short bob with a rounded fringe and pretty hazel eyes.
"Elise...." she looks about my age, with hair the same colour as mapels- but down to her hips in a cascade of black curls down her back.
"And last but not least, Electra."
Electra has black hair in a cute little ponytail , chocolate coloured eyes, rimmed thickly with black makeup and she wears a puffy tie-dye top. It would look cheap on me, but she makes it look like catwalk fashion, straight form a magazine. They all give me a quick shy "heya" apart from Electra who rolls her eyes and walks off In another direction. 
"Oh, don't worry about her!" Elise warns me. I watch Electra stalk of into someone else's tent, Winter mumbles about something to do with a boyfriend. I immediately decide I don't like her, I knew this was all too good to be true....
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