Traveling rose

Rose doesn't like change, or moving places, but when her widowed mother falls for a gypsy traveller she has no choice. Follows rose's adventures as she has too deal with new family, a new dad, and countless new homes as they travel across the open country.


6. Early too bed


I was about too follow winter and mum into the crowd of people when Tom then calls me over to help him tether the horses from the carriage and we lead them to a group of horses and tie them too a tree. "so, wanna take a look around?"
Tom flicks his long fringe out of his eyes and I forget to anwser  him, he just nods and leads me to the clearing that is crowded with people of all ages, there must be about 40 people all together. Above us are twinkling fairy lights, that I had spotted earlier, draped around the canopy. There are also a few lanterns with candles in the centre, tied to trees about the place. There is lots of people talking to each other and laughing, it's a really friendly atmosphere and although I was a bit nervous I already knew I belonged here.

After a bit of looking around Tom took me to the centre of the camp with a lit fire in the centre. Mum and winter were sat on a log, warming there hands against the flames. I turned to tell Tom that I was going to see mum but when I looked he was gone. I shrugged and walked around all the people. I tapped mum on the shoulder and budged between her and an elderly lady who gave me a friendly toothless smile. She had long braided grey hair and sparkling blue eyes. I liked her already. 
"hey pumpkin, you ok?" mum asks
"yeah, it's amazing here." she mods in agreement and looks around the fire at the circle of different people, chatting and laughing.

Mum decided we should go to bed early, and winter agrees , saying i can meet everyone else in the morning, they say there goodnights and I walk back the way we came and into the now horse-less carriage. I step inside and see the mini cuboards, and the pretty and stereo typical gingham curtains. Mum passes me two blankets and a pillow as we get changed and settle down. 

We are laid along the little seats/beds , i cant sleep, as i am so excited-plus there are still people awake and talking outside,and I know mum is still awake too.
"mum?" I whisper 
"uh hu, Can't sleep?" she replys
"yup, you neither?" 
"No" she sighs, "isn't it wonderful though? Do you see it that way? Or is it still a bit weird for you?"
I think for a bit.
"both; i think I'll settle in fine though, you know this whole move is going so well I'm waiting for something to go wrong!!"
"that's good, and hopefully nothing will"
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