Traveling rose

Rose doesn't like change, or moving places, but when her widowed mother falls for a gypsy traveller she has no choice. Follows rose's adventures as she has too deal with new family, a new dad, and countless new homes as they travel across the open country.


9. A few days pass...


A few days pass living out in the open, i start to get used to it, so does mum. We adapt. The two younger sisters seem to like me, especially Elise, who I spend most of my time with. I met jack slowly after the sisters, he was sweet, small and round and smiling, mum now looks after him in the carriage and I'm with elise, maple and electra. Electra however, stays her icy cold, self, keeping me at least a meters distance away from her.

I'm home schooled three days a week for four hours each day with Elise and two other girls who are similar ages too us. We are taught English, maths , the basic sciences and just some  economics like cooking, once and a while. We are Taught by the old lady I had seen the first night I had arrived- the one with the friendly,( but toothless) smile. She is ever so lovely and doesn't leave me out like the teachers at my last school did. Her name is Bee, (short for Barbra) but in "class" she makes us call her miss Bee. 

I was sat with Elsie in the long grass by her tent when Tom came over. "Elise, Rose, hey!"
"hi" we say together, then laugh at the coincidence. 
"um rose, I said I'd find you a horse, yeah?" I nod
"now okay?"
Tom takes me too the same clearing too were we had tethered the horses up before. 
"The grey, the coloured and the roan are the only 'spares' so too speak, so i'm gonna take them down to one of the fields and you can take em' for a spin " he winks at me and I laugh as a reply, my head above the clouds.
He had me looped round his little finger.........

I ride the grey and the coloured- they didn't work, don't get me wrong they were pretty and all but we didn't click- and that's what Tom said was most important.
I got on the roan, (a grey-white-brown fleck colour horse)
And she felt wonderful, so calm and happy and cheeky.
"um what's she called?"
"well fudge you and me are gunna stick together, k?"
She snorted in agreement and me and Tom both laughed. It felt so good being there.

Later by the fire the whole camp are sat on all the logs and stumps while stories are passed around of far of lands with  dragons and princess'  to the children, and general chitchat to the adults.

Tom smiles at me across the fire and becomes me over. I slip between Winter and Elise obediently and work my way over to Tom. 
"Hey." I blush and chant continuously  in  My head to not say anything stupid.
"hi, I thought we could go out on a little ride, watch the sunset." my heart flips over in my chest. But it falls like a heavy weight to my feet when I see the shadow of a girl over his shoulder. 
 "oh and my girlfriends coming, if that's okay..." I recognise her and I want to cry.
"oh, it's you." says a flat voice
"hi Electra." I say through gritted teeth.

The ride was awful, I just rode behind Tom and Electra and had to put up with there constant chatting and kissing- I wasn't brave enough to say  I didn't want to go and I couldn't just wander of- I don't know the way back. I'm sure they wouldn't notice if I was gone anyway......
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