Best Friend

What happens to Bek when her best friend auditions for xfactor and forgets about her?
*Harry Styles*
This is my first FanFic, so bear with me :)


3. Surprise Ride


I open the door and sit in the passenger seat whilst Sally sits in the back. Harry is just staring into space, but looking at me. I look at him with a confused face and he just starts smiling and turns away. Well that was weird.

“Harry! We need to get to school!” Sally informs Harry from the back seat.

“No back seat driving Sal.” Harry replies whilst turning to face her and winks.

“We are going to be late, if you don’t drive now.” I tell Harry. He turns around and puts the car into drive and starts driving without a word.

“Okay. What’s up? Something is obviously wrong cause 1, you’re not talking which is odd and 2, the radio isn’t on.” Sally observes. She knows how to get to the point when something is off.

“Nothing’s wrong!” Harry defends.

“Oh something is definetly wrong.”  I speak up.

“Oh okay. Yes something is up. Let me pull over first.” He says and parks the car on the side of the road.

“it’s obviously something serious… he needs to pull over!” Sally says.

“Oh shut it Sal. Let me talk!” Harry death glares her. “Okay. As you both know, I’m in a band Wh-“

“WHITE ESKIMO!” Sally yells before harry could finish.

“Really? No WAY!” Harry says sarcastically. “Anyway. Well I want to do something with my singing, as in take it to the next level.” He pauses and looks up to see our faces.

Well Sally and I had confused expressions but at the same time on to tell him to go on.

“Well, with help from my Mum and Gemma, I’m auditioning for X-Factor this weekend.” And as if he knew what was coming, he covered his ears whilst Sally and I screamed at the top of our lungs! W had been telling him for ages to audition!

“I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! HARRY IM SO HAPPY! OH MY GOD HARRY!” I kept screaming over and over again until he covered my mouth with one hand and Sally’s with the other.

Trust Sally to lick his hand so it can come off her mouth. He then took his off mine.

“Also, I was wondering, would you like to come to my audition with me?” He has a doubtful tone in his voice like we were going to decline.

“YES!” Sally and I yelled simultaneously.

“Well that’s good. Now let’s keep driving to school.” And he was driving again.

About a minute later, we were at school parking in the parking lot, and late. Great way to start the year. We all hurried out of the car and head to our homeroom. You see, we have homeroom with everyone in our year cause it’s a small school, which means Cassie will be all over Harry. It makes both Sally and I want to hurl. But me more.

We enter the classroom and the Mr Davidson stares at us and says, “Nice for you to join us Miss Collins, Miss Smith and Mr Styles.”

We take our seats and yes, Cassie saved a seat for Haz. He notices she didn’t save us one so he turns around to us and gives an apologetic look and goes and sits next to her. HURL MOMENT! They just kissed. YUCK!

Sally and I sit at the back and just talk about anything and everything until we need to go to class. First Period, English. Not my best subject, but Sally’s with me and sadly so is Cassie.  But our teacher loves Sally and I so when Cassie speaks, she literally tells her to shut up. It’s the best thing ever. We get to class and I’m forced to sit next to Cassie because all the rest of the seats are taken.

Did I forget to mention, these are the seats for the whole year. Well this will be fun.

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