Best Friend

What happens to Bek when her best friend auditions for xfactor and forgets about her?
*Harry Styles*
This is my first FanFic, so bear with me :)


4. Ride to London


YES! Finally it’s the weekend! Tomorrow is Harry’s Audition and we are driving up to London with Anne and Gemma! I think my mum is coming with us as well. My mum and Anne are like Sally and I. Gemma’s like my older sister. I can tell her and Sally anything and know they will keep their mouths shut.

I just got home and I’m packing my bag. We’re spending two nights in London so we will be driving back on Sunday. It’s like a mini holiday. Sorta. Minus the fact that Cassie is also going. But she’s coming down tomorrow because she doesn’t want to sleep in a disgusting hotel bed and wait in line with everyone. Isn’t she a supporting girlfriend? *Note the sarcasm*

Next thing I know Sally comes barging into my room with Marie on her back.

“Come on fat ass. We need to get going!” Sally says and then leaves my room with Marie giggling. How pleasant.

I walk downstairs with my bag full of clothes, make up and toiletries. It’s a bit heavy but I can manage. We are taking Anne’s van (hey that rhymes) so that we can all fit. It takes about 3 hours so we have to try and keep ourselves entertained.

I put my bag in on top of Sally’s and say goodbye to Dad, Marie and Coco. I get in and I’m sitting next to Harry. Anne is driving, and my mum is in the passenger seat. Sally and Gemma are in the middle row and then Harry and I at the back.

It’s about 5:30pm now but with my mum’s long goodbyes we won’t leave till 6. So we will probably get there around 9-ish.

We start driving singing along to Baby by Justin Bieber. Well everyone but Harry. It’s cute when he is upset. The song finishes and we are all tired. Sally and Gemma are listening to music on their iPods and mum and Anne are talking about something. I’m starring out of the window at the scenery. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around. Sally is looking at me, gesturing me to look at my phone. I look at my iPhone 3Gs and see that sally texted me. You’re sitting next to Haz! ;) make a move! I look up to look at her but all I see is her brown curly hair. So I reply haha great joke. She replies almost instantly do it, or ill embarrass you!

She really wants me to do something. You do know he has a gf right? And maybe later now goodbye. And that was our conversation.

My eyelids start feeling heavy so I rest my arm on the window sill and rest my head on my hand. Comfy. I start to snooze off but I feel someone moving me but I still stay half asleep because I’m so tired.

When I wake up, I’m on Harry’s shoulder and his arm is hugging me. This feels so right but so wrong.

I open my right eye to check the time near the radio at the front of the car. 9:45! WHAT! I sit up quickly but my head spins! I grab my head and Harry hugs me and whispers, “Bek, what’s wrong?”

“Shouldn’t we be at the hotel by now?” I whisper back.

“There was a lot of traffic. But we will be there in about 5 minutes.”

“So we are in London?”

“Yeah! Isn’t it so pretty?”

I look outside the window and all I could say was “wow.”

Sally turns around and sees me awake and practically shouts, “LOOK WHO’S UP!”

Ouch. Head ache. Not good. I grab my head again.

“I think she has a headache because she keeps moving too quickly and PEOPLE keep shouting!” Harry says aiming the last part towards Sally.

That shut her up.

“WE HAVE ARRIVED!” Anne announces.

Harry helps me out of the car and takes my bags and helps me up to my room. I’m sharing a room with Sally, whilst Gemma and Harry are across for us and mum and Anne are down the hall.

I don’t even bother changing from my trackies and singlet top to pyjama’s so I just hop into bed.

“I think Harry likes you Ribs.” I hear Sally say softly.

“Yeah right. Now goodnight Smith.” I reply.

I hear a soft chuckle so I throw the extra pillow at her then I fell into a beautiful sleep.

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