Best Friend

What happens to Bek when her best friend auditions for xfactor and forgets about her?
*Harry Styles*
This is my first FanFic, so bear with me :)


12. Ribs

“Bek! Will you please come out with Sal and I! We want to go shopping and your being an ass lying in bed with the door locked!” Cass shouted and banged on my door.

“No! I want to stay in bed today!” I shouted back.

“But you stayed in yesterday!”

“I went to Starbucks!” I defended.

“That doesn’t count! You weren’t with us! We want a girl’s day out!”

“Can we please stop screaming through the door? I’m getting a headache!” Sally says.

“Your fault for drinking last night!” I yell.

“Okay. Enough! Open this door now!” Oops. She’s angry.

I open the door for them and they walk in my room and make themselves comfy on my bed.

“Comfy?” I ask.

“Very.” They both reply smiling.

“Now, will you please come with us?” Sally asks.

“Only if it’s us three. No boyfriends.” I say.

“Who has a boyfriend?” Cassie asks.

“No one does. It’s just I don’t want to be 3rd wheeling. It’s awkward.” I reply.

“So is that a yes?!” Cassie screeches.

I nod. Cassie is excited and exits quickly. Sally is quiet but smiling and walks out. Obviously something is wrong. But I’ll wait till she’s ready to talk.


We got back at 6:30 with about five bags each. It was a good day.

We were walking down the hall to our apartment and as we walked past the boy’s apartment, a girl walks out. We are all confused but then to clarify it, Harry walked out behind her. We try not to pay attention to it as much, but me being me, I looked back as soon as we are outside our door, and he is kissing her. Must be his girlfriend.

I did read something on a cover of a magazine today. From what I remember, her name is Georgina. She is gorgeous. She has a bit longer than shoulder length brown wavy hair, blue/green eyes and light brown skin. Well that made my self-esteem goes down.

Wait? Am I jealous? I couldn’t be! Harry and I don’t have anything. Well at least not any more. I ignore it and go inside.

“And?” Cassie asks as I closed the door behind me.

“And what?” I reply.

“What were they doing!” Cassie almost screams.

“Shhhh they are probably still in the hall way!” I laugh. “They were kissing. That’s all.” I felt weird saying it.

“Naww is little Ribs sad?” Sally asks.

“No. Why would I be?” I reply.

“Cause you like him. Oh and by the way, you guys still haven’t told me the story behind ‘Ribs’” she air quotes.

“You think it’s time we tell her?” Sally asks.

“WE tell her. Good joke. You gave me the nick-name, you tell her why.” I reply.

“Fine! Okay so when I slept over once, she was sleeping talking and saying how much she loved ribs, and then when we woke up later that morning, she said I feel like ribs but I don’t know why. And I started laughing but she didn’t get it. And then for dinner that night we had ribs and I was just laughing. I told her what was funny so I started calling her ribs.” Sally explains.

“And I haven’t had ribs since. It’s really not funny.” I say.

I look over to Cassie and she is rolling on the floor laughing/crying.

“Oh…My…God….That….Is….Hilarous!!!” She says between laughs.

I go to order dinner and as soon as I pick up the phone, there is a knock on the door.

“Can someone get it?” I ask, concentrating on what to order.

“Hello there Styles.” Cassie says. Guess she opened it and Harry was on the other side.

“Hello. I was wondering if you girls would like to go to dinner with us lads again?” he asks.

“Where to?” Sally yells from the kitchen, where I am.

Cassie and the ‘lads’ walk into the kitchen to join us. They must’ve all been here.

“There’s this place down the road that has the best tasting ribs I’ve ever had!” Niall says.

Cassie, Sally, Harry (he knows the story) and I all look at each other and burst out in laughter. The other boys are all standing awkwardly wondering what was wrong with us.

I think we laughed a bit too much that night.

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