Best Friend

What happens to Bek when her best friend auditions for xfactor and forgets about her?
*Harry Styles*
This is my first FanFic, so bear with me :)


6. New York!



Well its 3 years later, he has constantly been on tours. My best friend, well I can’t really call him that since we lost contact after he joined One Direction.

Oh how I miss him. He has just turned 19 while I’m 18. I finished high school and I’m glad I’m out of that hell hole.

If you’re wondering about Sally and Cassie, Sally is still my best friend, nothing can break that. She broke up with Dave 2 years ago and has been single ever since, Cassie and Harry are long over. She broke up with him after the X-Factor because the relationship wasn’t working out because he was always away. It’s funny because we hated each other so much 3 years ago but when Sally and Dave broke up, she was helping Sally and I guess we all become close since.

And no, I haven’t had a relationship since Harry became famous. I couldn’t bear to think about doing something like that, even though we weren’t going out.

Oh and I live with Sal and Cass. I moved out of my parents’ house last year. Marie is still the adorable girl she is and is now 13! She has grown up so wonderfully! Coco on the other hand, is somewhat how Cassie was when she was 16. She’s up herself and is “popular” and is a mini slut. I feel bad saying it but it’s true. We never had a strong relationship. I’m surprised mum and dad gave up with her.

Away from my family. Sal, Cass and I have decided to go to New York for two months on holiday. You see, we are having a gap year, and no we aren’t recording it like Jack Harries is. But it’s amazing how famous he has gotten. I forgot to mention, he went to our school and Cass had a thing (you could call it) with him and Sal with Finn. 5th wheeling once again. But they didn’t last cause they were a year older and just hard work.

Yeah so NEW YORK! If you remember, I love New York, bedroom theme, remember? No. That’s okay.  

Well we leave tomorrow and we are all too excited so we decided to stay up all night (no pun intended) and sleep on the plane tomorrow.

Well that plan failed. We all crashed by midnight. Our plane is in 2 hours, its 5 am now. We are leaving our apartment now because checking in takes a while.

We just arrived at the airport and we are checking in. The guy serving us is attractive, I guess, and Cass is flirting with him. Oh trust her.

We take our carry-on’s and head to our gate. We are laughing and imagining what will happen when we get there. As we are walking we hear a teenager girl, around 14 or 15, talking to her mum saying, “I can’t believe we are going to be in New York the same time One Direction is going to be there!”

This made us all freeze and look at her like we heard wrong. Sally says, “Sorry to interrupt, but did you just say that One Direction is going to be in New York?”

She replies, “YES! They are going to be there for 2 months! Aren’t you excited!? Are you a directioner?! If you are I love you!” Her mum tugs her away mouthing “Sorry” to us.

I love you. I’m still frozen. That was the last words I said to Harry before he stepped off the stage leading him to his future. Sally notices and tries to get me out of my trance.

“OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!” Cassie screams, making every teenage girl scream, and some cry.

This takes me out of my trance. I walk to the gate and sit down in the seats at the front of the door. I didn’t want to talk. Just think. Sally and Cassie understand so they left me to do that.

This is going to be a fun 2 months.

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