Best Friend

What happens to Bek when her best friend auditions for xfactor and forgets about her?
*Harry Styles*
This is my first FanFic, so bear with me :)


9. Broadway

“Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. QUIT IT!” I yell. Argh really Sally? Poke me awake?

“It’s Midday, love. You have to get up! We need to go site seeing! So get ready and we will get Starbucks for breakfast.”


“Oh and you need to talk to Harry!” She says walking out my room.

That’s right. I thought that was a dream. But I guess not.

I get up and get ready. It’s a bit chilly outside so I wear black skinny jeans, a loose shirt with the Union Jack on it, white high top converse and a black beanie.

*1 hour later*

“Where are we?” Cassie said.

“I guess I read the map wrong. Sorry.” I apologise.

“Well at least we know not to give the map to Bek in the future.” Sally says.

“Oh shush you! We’ll just ask that person over there.”  I point to a stranger near us.

I walk up to them and notice that he has tanned skin, wearing a leather jacket, black hair and is smoking. Sally would be happy.

“Excuse me.” I say tapping him on the shoulder.

He turns around and I went weak in the knees. I heard Sally gasp behind me. He was probably the best looking guy I have seen. His brown eyes! I could stare into them forever!

“You okay? Do you need help?” He asked. I guess I didn't realise he was speaking to me. But I did notice his British accent.

“Oh! Yeah sorry. Umm, do you know how to get to Broadway Street?” I ask nervously. I don’t know why.

“Yeah. Okay so take the first left up there, then turn right, and then the second right and there you are.” He smiled a gorgeous smile.

BEK! Get your head together! He probably has a girlfriend and I’m sure if he didn't Sally would beg for him.

“Okay. Thank you and sorry for bugging you.” I say and start walking away.

“Uhmm, he was GORGEOUS!” Sally said straight away. “Thank you again!” Really Sally? You had to yell back at him.

“It was no problem.” I looked as he said that and saw him wink at Sally. Yay. Non-stop talk about ‘mystery man’.

*few minutes later*

“This place is amazing! Just like that guy!” Sally exclaims.

“Oh shut up Sally!” Cassie and I both say.

“Sorry. He was just- OW!“ She stopped because Cass hit her.

“Then shut it! OH! LOOK! TOP-SHOP! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s GO!” Cassie screams whilst pulling us into Top-shop.

I must admit, they have very, very nice clothing, it’s just so expensive. And I don’t have the money. But I guess Cass does. She LOVES this shop.

We decided to go home after a few more shops and buys.

Well today was great.

On the way home, Sally kept bugging me saying to talk to Harry. I don’t think I can. He was my best friend and ouch!

Once again I wasn't watching were I was walking and instead of someone bumping into me, I bumped into them.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn't watching were I was going.” I say.

“I feel like I’ve heard that saying before.” The person turns around with a smirk on their face.

That smirk. The one I saw at the airport. That person that bumped into me was Harry.

“It was you that bumped into me at the airport!” I say.

“I thought it was you but I wasn’t sure.” He said.

“I’m sorry for stopping. Your fans are really crazy. I guess I was mesmerized at how supportive they are.”

He half smiled. The one that used to kill me. “Yeah. They mean the world to me. The got me and the lads here today. I think we have to talk.”

I was hoping he wouldn't say that. “Yeahhh…” I said

“You don’t sound too excited.” he laughed. “Let’s go to my room I don’t think anyone is in there.”

We walk into his room and there was someone there.

“Sorry Zayn. Do you mind leaving, I need to talk to my-“ he paused, “Bek.”

Zayn. Zayn was the guy that told me where to go when we got lost.

“Oh yeah sorry. Did you buy a lot?” He winked at me when he said that.

“Yeah I did. Thanks again.” I reply. Then he left.

“How do you know Zayn?” Harry asked.

“I went shopping with Cass and Sal and we got lost an-“

“You were reading the map weren't you?” He interrupted.

“HEY! I’m good at reading maps. Sometimes. Anyway! Before you interrupted,” he had a sad face, “Zayn was in the street we were lost on so I asked him directions.”

“Okay. Fair enough. So, now let’s talk about us.”

This will be a good talk.

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