Best Friend

What happens to Bek when her best friend auditions for xfactor and forgets about her?
*Harry Styles*
This is my first FanFic, so bear with me :)


5. Audition



I quickly sit up and look to Sally’s bed. Well she’s on the floor now. Great way to wake me up.

We just stare at each other for 10 seconds and both crack up laughing. I eventually fall out of my bed and we laugh harder.


We stop laughing and look at the door. Gemma is standing there with Harry trying to peak around her.

“ARE YOU GUYS OKAY! I HEARD TWO THUMPS!” wow Gemma sounded like Anne then.

Sally and I just start laughing again.

“You didn’t both fall out of bed did you?” She is so concerned.

“Maybe….” I reply.

“You guys are idiots.” She says as she into her room.

Sally and I start laughing again but this time Harry joins in. After a few minutes we calmed down and Harry asks, “Hey, do you guys wanna go down and get some breakfast?”

“Can we have room service?” Sally pleads.

“Why not. I’ll call. 3 plates of Pancakes to this room?” Harry asks.

“MAKE IT 4!” Gemma yells from across the hall.

“Okay then.” Harry picks the phone between the beds. “Hello? Yeah hi. Can I get 4 plates of pancakes to room….”

“506.” I say.

“To room 506. Please and thank-you.” He hangs up and we just chill on the floor waiting for the food talking and laughing.

After breakfast we head out to line up for Haz’s audition. I think I’m more nervous than he is.

We get there at around 9 in the morning and the lady at the front desk says that he won’t be auditioning till around 12. When we were waiting in the line, Harry got interviewed by Dermot. It was cute. Lucky Cassie came after he was interviewed otherwise she would’ve stolen the spotlight of him.

We were waiting in the waiting area and at about 11:30 the organiser called out “165998!”

Harry goes into a state of shock for a few seconds but realises and gets up and goes to her. Cassie has been clinging to him throughout the whole day because she didn’t want any girls flirting with him. Sally and I couldn’t even talk to him because she kept telling us to stay away.

He is about to go on stage to audition and turns around to me while Cassie isn’t looking and says, “if I succeed, I promise I won’t forget you. As if I would. I love you Bek,” and he hugs me.

I hug back and say, “I love you too,” and there goes my best friend walking out onto that stage that is his new home.

Who knew that curly haired, creepy, 16 year old baker boy would turn into one of the most famous people in the world.

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