Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


18. That's it

I woke up with the memory of yesterday replaying over and over again in my head. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe he was kind and fun after all. But that didn’t mean I would put my guard down. I did my usual routine and then headed to school.

“What?” I looked over to Lia and the popular group all hanging out in their usual place. They seemed less energetic today than the usual days. Lia was doing several gestures to emphasis what she was actually saying but I was too busy trying to figure out what her actions meant rather than listening to what she was saying.

Harry stood up from the bench and walked to her. I decided not to try to eavesdrop on their conversation since it might bring trouble. So instead I sat down in the grass while trying to read my book. We had no classes today since the prom committee succeeded in convincing the teachers to drop the classes in order to plan for prom. How amazing of them to do such a thing!

I read the book while biting my sandwich which wasn’t as good as Harry’s sandwich but whatever. I drank my juice and then continued reading. I looked over at the popular group an now they seemed to be laughing. Truth time. I don’t like it when people are talking and looking at me at the same time since it gave me the impression that they were talking about me. I also do not like it when people laugh and then glance on other people or me since it also gave me the impression that they were talking about me. So that’s me.

I finished the book within a short time since I was a really fast reader. People always wonder why I was so fast in reading, but they admired me for  that. But seriously, I only read the chats of the characters and the important points. I don’t really read the book word by word. But still, when there were conversations about the book I knew everything even if I didn’t read the unimportant parts. So that’s kind of my secret on how to read fast. 

I gave out a sigh after shutting the book closed. I placed it in my bag, and then checked on the popular group. They were still there and now Lia was pushing Harry in.. a kidding way? Harry was laughing so probably she was playfully pushing him. Harry noticed me looking at me and gave me a quick smile which later on turned to a smirk. I rolled my eyes, and finished my sandwich. But no matter how much I try to not look at them, I always find myself looking back at them. Lia was now holding things which I’m guessing are for prom. She was waving it and the guys were clapping for her for a job well done I guess.

She grabbed Harry, who was now sitting back in the bench, she was gesturing him to stand up. Harry shook his head and I was guessing he didn’t want to do what he was being told. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but Lia was practically really loud.

“Harry!” she screeched. “Get up! I have to show these idiots how to dance during the prom!” She said giving a glare at the other people sitting down in the bench.

“Alright, alright!” Harry got up and stared at Lia for several seconds. She got Harry’s hands and placed it in her waist, then she placed her arms around his neck and they started dancing. I can tell Harry was about to burst out laughing since his eyes showed that he was sustaining his laughter.

And I was right. 

After Lia stopped dancing with him, he burst out laughing. His friends joined in with his laughing moment. Lia shook her head in disapproval and then began talking to the other cheerleaders. The boys were now laughing hard on the ground while the girls gave them a look of dislike.

“Stop laughing!” Lia scolded. She placed her hands in her hips and kept giving them a death glare.

“Okay,” Harry said trying to stop his laughter. “Okay. I’m good."

“Why are you laughing anyways?” Lia smirked.

“If you do not know,” one of the football jocks replied. “Slow dancing makes you look like a big idiot!"

“Yeah, there is no way we are going to do a slow dance in prom!” Michael, the head of the football team, said. He did a -high-five with Harry and then faced Lia again.

“Isn’t there like a better music? Like hiphop, rock, pop or rap?” Harry asked. 

“NO!” Lia yelled. “We are going to do a slow dance no matter what!” The boys shrugged their shoulders in defeat since they knew no one can go against what Lia thought.

“Shoot!” Harry said. Everyone looked at him and waited for him to finish what he was saying. I quickly stopped listening to their conversation and averted my own eyes to my other books that were on the ground with me. 

I didn’t get to hear what Harry said but I guess it was nothing important. I decided to get up and go to my locker since it was almost time to go home. 


I fixed my stuffs in my locker and slammed the door shut. I didn’t mean to slam it, but I guess I absentmindedly slammed it. A note fell from my locker and to my surprise it was from Harry. I opened it and read it.

Can we talk? Meet me in my parking lot? -Harry

I looked at the note, and lots of things started to circle my head. What did he want? I just hoped that it wasn’t a prank. I really hate pranks. No matter what type it was. But sometimes I end up laughing, or crying, or getting mad. I decided to go, since I didn’t have anything to do today. I folded the paper and placed it in my bag.


I headed to Harry’s parking lot, and saw him leaning on his car while holding his phone.

“Hey!” I said trying to be friendly, but at the same time trying to get his attention off his phone. Is his phone really that important?

“Oh hey,” he replied. He placed his phone in his pocket and looked at me. “I thought you wouldn’t come."

“Well I’m here,” I said trying to joke around. But he didn't see my joke though, since he stayed serious. "So what did you call me here for?"

"Oh right," he said and then stood upright. "Would be alright if tutoring sessions would be in my house tomorrow?"

"Yeah sure," I said actually feeling stupid for coming here and all he had to say was that. "So that's it?"

'Yup!" he sad while popping the p. I nodded my head and I really felt stupid.

"So I can go?" I asked him.

"Yeah," he said and unexpectedly there was a smirk across his face.

"What?" I asked him.

"Nothing." he shrugged his shoulders an entered his car. I stepped back and he drove off. Just like that.



Author's Note: Hey guys! I know this chapter is really boring. But it's just to make up for the times I didn't get to update. But I promise that better chapters are coming!!

Stay awesome loves!! xx 

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