Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


13. Secondary Sisters

I found myself hiding in an empty room. I didn't feel right. 

After talking to Harry I didn't want to show my face to anyone. I heard the bell ring for dismissal, and I decided to leave the room. I got out and there were little students left. I walked by my locker first to get my book for History and Biology.

I walked home as usual, and when I reached home I  got my keys out. The moment I got in, I sighed my heart out.

I couldn't do this, it was so hard. I guess ever since I started tutoring Harry my life had been becoming worse lately. I guess he was my problem in my life. I mean he is popular, and I wasn't really used to talking to those cool people. 

I took a bath and locked myself in my bathroom. I let the water pour over me, I let my mind cool down and after awhile I decided to go out. I got changed into a shirt and shorts. I decided it was quite cold so I pulled a jumper over my head. It was big, so it seemed like a dress on me and my shorts were hidden.

I made hot chocolate for myself, and watched a movie in my living room. 


For the rest of the week I ignored several people, except my best friends. I didn't make eye contact with anyone at all for this day. I guess ever since I hit Lia with the ball no body even wanted to talk to me since I was a freak for hitting the most beautiful and popular girl in the world. 

Gosh! Can't people even realize that there are people out there way better than these popular people!

I walked to my locker as usual after Chemistry class. I was in mood today.

"What's up, girl?" I felt my heart suffer a heart attack for a second, and I saw my best friends standing there. "Sorry, did we scare you?"

"No. No. No, you did not." I said sarcastically which made them laugh.

"So what's up?" Cindy asked again.

"Nothing except the roof, I guess." I joked and smiles were plastered in their faces.

"Seriously!" Cindy said a little more serious this time, but she ended up breaking her serious side. 

"Well, let's see. I'm hated by the whole school for hitting Lia, and nobody wants to talk to me except you guys."

"Aww, don't worry Soph!" Beth said hugging me then letting go. "All you need is someone like us."

I laughed at what she said. But I realized she was right. I didn't need anyone but them, my best friends.

"Gotta go," Cindy said as she placed her phone back in her pocket. "My brother's coming home with his fiance tonight, and I do not want to be late." She hugged us goodbyes and then left.

"So how are you and your tutoring partner going?" Beth asked me as soon as Cindy had left.

"I don't know," I shrugged. "I guess we're fine except I don't think I'll be tutoring him anymore since I hit his girlfriend hard with a ball."

"It's okay," Beth said trying to cheer me up a bit. "It's not like you're being paid for tutoring him."

"Well," I paused and remembered the extra points that I was promised for tutoring him. "No, I'm not getting paid, but I'm being given extra credits."

She laughed and then nudged me in the elbow. "Anyways see ya! Got photography club!" She hugged me and then left. So basically I was alone again. I sighed then got the books I needed to study over the weekend, then stuffed it in my bag.


Home. Back at home.

I got changed into some comfortable clothes then studied. I guess my life was all study- study-study if I didn't have anything to do. I wrote down some notes and keywords for me to remember then kept my things. I went to make some hot chocolate then sat down in my couch while looking over to my scrapbook of memories I made with my best friends. We each had one. Beth's scrapbook was light blue, Cindy's was green and mine was purple. My friends did always say I was very girly. Well, that din't bother me really, cause I know that each person is unique.

I smiled while looking at each picture that I saw. It made me realize that my friends and I have gone through a lot but we always stayed by each other. I guess they are my secondary sisters. I smiled at the thought of actually having secondary sisters. 

I got caught up with looking at the pictures and didn't realize that time had passed by. The only thing that made me stop looking at the scrapbook was when I heard a knock on the door.

I went to open it and was quite surprised to see who it was.



Author’s Note: Hey guys! Sorry if this chapter wasn’t so nice, but I just kinda ran out of idea. I know it’s ridiculous… But anyway I promise better chapters are coming up!

So if you guys have any ideas for the next chapters write it down in the comments!! thanks!

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