Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


31. Let's Talk

Sophie’s POV

The whole day I’ve been trying to avoid Harry, but it was hard. He was my project partner in almost all subjects. But I guess the awkwardness between us was obvious. We didn’t talk if we did it was only for something important. I survived the day successfully and arrived home with a very tired expression. What made it worse was that Scarlet told us that mum and dad had invited some visitors over.

“So let me get this straight,” Lizzy said while chopping the fruits into smaller pieces. “He kissed you and you didn’t kiss back?”

“Yeah,” I said as I placed the chopped fruits into a bowl.

“Smart move.”

“I know right?” I said sarcastically.

“Hurry up! Enough chit chat!” Scarlet scolded as she entered the kitchen. She got the bowls from my grip and left the kitchen. I followed her out of the kitchen and into the dining room.

“Who are the visitors anyway?” I asked.

“Not sure,” Scarlet said as she fixed the table. She turned to look at me and as if on cue the doorbell rang. “They're here.”

Lizzy walked out of the kitchen and went to me. Scarlet had already left to open the door.

“Hey what do you think?” Lizzy asked as she fixed her hair. Wait. Her wig to be exact.

“It’s fine,” I said. Her wig was brown and wavy, and it stopped just right below her shoulders. She wore dark contacts to make her look different from me. And just as mum said if anyone asked she was our cousin from Nebraska who was visiting.

I heard my parents’ voice in the hallway and we quickly fixed the table properly.

“Oh yes, my daughter and niece,” my mum said.

“Hi!” Lizzy and I said unison.

“Darling this is Harry’s mum I’m sure you know here,” my mum said. I stiffened at the name of Harry and quickly looked to see who my mum was referring to and I saw the woman who I saw in Harry’s house before.

“Hi!” I said forcing myself to smile. Ugh! People are so fake nowadays and I guess I was becoming one.

“Sophie,” Harry’s mum said. She hugged me and I stifled a laugh. She let go of me and before I could say anything Lizzy dragged me.

She shut the door behind me and demanded me to sit. I did as what she told me and she sat down in the chair across me.

“That’s Harry’s mum?” Lizzy asked.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Well, she looked a lot like him! Like a lot!”

“I know.” I said. This was really going nowhere. Lizzy got a thinking look on her face and opened her mouth to say something but she shut it again.

“What?” I asked. I looked over the window to check if anyone was outside but no. It was still the same old plain neighborhood with an empty street.

“I have an idea.”

“Oh no! All your ideas are an epic fail! Remember when you told me to play nice? That failed too! So NO! Capital N O!” I crossed my arms in front of me and looked at Lizzy.

“Chill! I was just wondering if you could just go work things out with Harry,” she said.

“Why would I do that?” I snapped.

“Well, I know you guys didn’t work things out properly ever since that freaking kiss!” she replied.

“Fine.” I sighed. “Tomorrow. I have tutoring with him.”



All day! All day I haven’t seen Harry with his group. He wasn’t eating with them during lunch, and he surely wasn’t with them in the corridors. Something was totally up. Tutoring was the best time to talk to him cause he was more of a different person when we were tutoring. He was kinder.

“Hey,” I heard a deep voice behind me and it made me jump. I turned to see who it was and saw him. Oh god! It was just him. I am so weird. I mean, it was just him. I didn’t have to be so jumpy.

“Oh hi!” I watched him as he grabbed the chair beside me and slumped in it. He got one of the books infront of me and opened it to a random page.

“What’s for today?” he asked. He raised his eyebrow at me lazily and I quickly got my notes to see what I had planned for today. “Unless, you plan on staring at my good looks the whole time.” His comment made my cheeks flame up, and I quickly buried myself in my notebook.

“No,” I said. I was surprised that my voice wasn’t quavering. It was steady. I sighed in relief and he looked at me. “So let’s start.” I said trying to change the topic or trying to start with the tutoring

“I know you’ve got something to say,” he said as he rested his hands behind his head or neck. Not so sure.

This was my one shot of talking to him. I knew it. I shouldn’t screw this up, or I'm done. I took in a deep breath and shut my notebook.

“I haven’t seen you lately with your friends,” I observed.

“I needed to clear my mind from all the popularity,” he said blankly. I tried to look for any message in his tone but none. He wasn’t showing any expressions today.

“Look, the kiss,” I hesitated but I continued. “It made things awkward between us. Let’s just forget about it, okay?”

“That’s the thing Sophie,” Harry said, straightening himself in his seat. “I was so sure that you would kiss back. But you didn’t. I was so sure that you had feelings for me but then it turns out you don’t!”


“You’re giving me so much mixed messages, and mixed feelings.” he interrupted. I sat there looking like a ghost. I'm sure of that. I felt all of the colour in my face drain as I stared at him. Mixed messages and feelings? I wasn’t even giving him any! Mixed messages, maybe yeah I am giving him some. But I surely wasn’t giving him any mixed feelings. Or maybe I did, but I never thought about it.

“Mixed messages, maybe. Mixed feelings? I'm not so sure.” I told him. I tried to make it a playful conversation but his expression didn’t show any sign of joke. His face had gone rigid and his expression was full of furiousness.

“You're probably one of the dumbest girls I’ve ever met.” His compliment was like a stab on me. Seriously! After all my hard works! And instead of saying thank you he tells me that I’m dumb. Wow!

“Well you're probably one of the most arrogant guys I've met!” I retorted. He had a look of surprise on his face but he quickly covered it up with anger.

“Oh wow!” he said sarcastically. “You are just so shallow aren’t you?”

“Shut it, Styles,” I said through gritted teeth. He just called me shallow. That was so insulting.

“Oh wait, you're worse. You're a kiddie pool.” I bit my lip and my knuckles were white from my grip. They were in fists but I dug my nails into my skin to prevent me from doing something inappropriate. “You're a coward Sophie. You're so sensitive and moody. You're so scared of letting go of the past that you just can’t move on. You’re nothing.

His words struck me badly and I felt the tears starting to form in my eyes. This was so not how I wanted this to end. I wanted this to be a good one. A friendly talk, but I guess it didn’t end up how I expected it to be. The words he said kept replaying in my head and no matter how hard I tried to stop myself from believing- I believed them all.

He was right. I was weak. I was a coward. I was shallow.

All that he said was true. All the memories and things I tried to kept buried came running to the surface.

The first time I witnessed someone die.

The time when I had to cut someone’s arm off but I couldn’t and then I ended up getting tortured that day.

The time when I received my first task from the spy company but I ended up failing.

Harry was right. I was nothing. I was a failure… I would never become a somebody. I will always be a nobody.

But he wasn’t the first one to tell me these words. I was always told these words back when I was a spy. But Lizzy was always there for me. She covered up for me. I needed her.

I rubbed the tears away from my eyes furiously. I was being stupid. I actually thought that there was still a chance for a change. But I guess there is none. I will always be a pathetic little girl who will always hide behind her sisters.

“Sophie-” I quickly turned my head down towards the table. I never wanted anyone to see me like this again. I never wanted people to know what my weakness was. But here I am now. Sitting beside a person who knows my total weakness, and I'm here crying like an idiot.

“Can we just cancel tutoring for today?” I asked without looking at him. I waited for his reply and not long after I heard him sigh.


I quickly placed everything in my bag and got up from my chair. I ran out of the library before he could even stand up from his chair. This day was just terrible.


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