Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


8. Ingratitude

It was Monday, and we had our history test. I looked at Harry and he seemed really confident. I smiled to myself, I was hoping really badly that he would pass or at least get a higher grade. I couldn’t bear tutor him any longer. 

Fine I did enjoy his company and all. But he was just too full of himself, and it made me sick. Everytime I try to teach him something that he already knew he would go ‘I already know that. No need to tell me that again.’ or sometimes he would just roll his eyes.

He caught me looking at him, and gave me a smirk instead of a smile. God! Talk about being too ingratitude!



History class was finished and I left after the bell rang. To my surprise Harry was the first one to finish. I walked to my locker, but I couldn’t help but overhear him talking to his popular friends. 

“…history test was so easy!” I heard Harry say. “I reckon I would get it perfect. No doubt!"

I rolled my eyes, ugh! He was so full of himself. His friends looked at me with deep hate and dislike. Normally, they wouldn’t mind if I walked past them, but now their stares seemed like death stares. I hurriedly walked over to my locker and again-


I looked at the popular group in disbelief. I looked over to Harry who was laughing so hard. I cannot believe he would do this? I even wasted my time tutoring him! I didn’t bother fight with him cause it was on point. I walked to the comfort room, to find my friends there. They had goo splattered on their faces and hair too. When they saw me, they smiled. We laughed at each other. The fact that we were always there for each other was enough for me. I love my friends, and I will always be thankful for having them in my life.

We washed our faces, and gladly we brought extra clothes. We had always known this day would come again. The past does repeat itself. And well it was good to always be prepared.



After school, I walked home right way. I didn't want to talk about anyone. I sighed. Some people are just so ingratitude. That showed how immature he was. Anyways, he wasn't my problem. If he will get perfect in the test, I'll be glad that he did. But obviously, I won't be expecting a thank you from him.

I cleared my mind. I seriously needed to stop letting this tutoring thing carry me away. But no matter how much I tried to forget I couldn't. My mind kept repeating what had happened after the test, and the prank that had emitted from my locker. I guess all I had to do was pretend nothing happened, and that everything was fine.

Talk about major ingratitude. That guy was a total airhead.



Author's Note: Sorry guys, this is just a filler chapter!!!! Please share to your friends if you liked it!!! :) 





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