Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


26. Going or Not?

Harry's POV

You can say I'm an idiot for asking her to come to my party. Actually, I thought her and I were getting somewhere. Somewhere more than study buddies. But I guess that's just it. We will forever be study buddies. A part of me ache with what she said, but another part of me was glad. If she accepted the invitation she would make a complete fool of herself since my friends have a plan up ahead to embarrass her in the party. I refused at first to ask her to come, but then the football jocks started teasing me and telling me I was a 'chicken'.

So here I am now, sitting outside in the 'popular bench'. I don't know why people call it that, but I guess since my friends and I always sit here they consider it the 'popular bench'. 

"Okay!" Lia said while clapping her hands to get all of our attention. She looked at me, and then smirked. "What did the 'nerd' say? Is she coming?" 

I shook my head and I saw all of their eyes widen in shock.

"Who in the world would refuse a party which is headed by a popular person?" Jacob sneered. 

"Seems like she's a bigger nerd than we thought," Daisy snickered. A part of me wanted to stand up for her, but I kept my mouth shut. 

"Well, maybe she saw right through you," Mike told me. "Maybe you made it sound obvious."

"Or maybe, she just didn't want to come," I snapped back.

"Yeah," Lia said while looking at her nails. "Maybe, she's just too dumb to realise what a big opportunity it is to hang out with us."

Everyone laughed at the 'joke Lia made, but I didn't. It wasn't even a joke for God's sake! Well, maybe I used to see it as a joke, but right now I wasn't laughing. My attention gt shifted when I saw Sophie walking out of the school with her books in her hands. She just stood there and she seemed to be looking for something.

"Umm, I gotta go," I quickly said to the others. "I have to do something."

"Yeah, same here. I have to prepare for the party tomorrow." Lia said while flipping her hair. She left and soon enough everyone and I was alone. I looked over to where Sophie was standing and she was still there. She seemed... lost? Why in the world did she look lost.

I approached her, and decided to say I was sorry. So that's what I did. I walked up to her.

"Hey," I said in a low voice. She didn't bother turning her head to look at me, since she obviously knew it was me. I guess cause I was the only guy that ever talked to her. Awkward. 

"Leave me alone, Styles," she said before I could say something else. Great, she called me Styles. I bet she's mad. Awhile ago she was talking to me, and calling me Harry, now she's calling me Styles.

"Look, I just wan to say sorry," I said before she could interrupt me. She shook her head and then gave out a little laugh. 

"You know, you keep saying sorry," she pointed out. "But I guess you never mean it."

"I mean it," I retorted.

"Really?" she said in a fake surprised tone. "Doesn't seem like it." She turned her head so that we were face to face but she quickly looked away. "Anyways, I gotta go. And, umm, no tutorials tomorrow since you have a 'party' to go to." With that she left. She walked home, and I was alone in the spot. She didn't even give me a chance to explain. Well, if I did explain what would I say? That I was forced to do it. Doesn't seem like the best explanation to get a friend. She would only get angry at me. I shook my head to fix my curls, then decided to walk home too since it was getting dark.


Sophie's POV

I arrived home without any worry. I tried to shake of the memory of talking to Harry today, but I just couldn't. I let out a sigh and let myself sink into the ground.

"Sophie?" I heard a voice upstairs call me. Mum? They're home? "Darling? Is that you? Are you home?" 

"Mum!" I called as I saw her walk down the stairs with Lizzy, Scarlet and dad following behind her. She pulled me in for a hug which I quickly returned.

"Oh I missed my pumpkin so much," she muttered. 

"I missed you too mum," I said with a smile. When we released from the hug I saw dad and quickly ran to him and hugged him. He chuckled when I attacked him with a hug since I seemed to act like a 5-year-old.

"Scarlet you're home!!!" I screamed which cause everyone to laugh. Okay so now I am acting like a 5-year-old who just saw Santa.

"Of course I'm home little sis!" she teased. 

"Okay, enough of this," mum said. "Let's talk about that guy friend of yours that you've been hanging out with lately." I stared at my mum in confusion. Was she referring to me or Scarlet? But then it hit me. She was referring to me. She meant Harry. 

"He's not a friend mum!" I argued. "He's just a study buddy."

"Really?" Scarlet gave me a suspicious look which earned a roll of he eyes from me. There was no need to be suspicious because there was nothing was going on between us.

"Yes really," I repeated.

"Well, I guess it's gonna be unfair that his mum met you and we never got to meet him," my mum pouted. No! No way! There is no way I would ask Harry to have dinner in my house or meet my parents! That would just show that we are friends or something!

"Mum! I hate him, he hates me. End of story." 

"Didn't he invite you to a party?" Lizzy finally spoke. Now this question caught me off guard! How in the world- oh wait, she's a spy. She has her ways. I thought about changing topic but I knew it would be no use since my whole family had spy experiences. 

"Yeah, but I turned it down," I said slowly. 

"Well, you should go!" Scarlet exclaimed. I looked over to my mum for help but she was agreeing with what Scarlet had just said.

"Dad!!" I shouted. I looked over to my dad for his opinion but I knew it was useless. He always followed whatever my mum's decision was. I gave him puppy eyes, but he quickly mouthed "It's up to your mum." 

I grunted. Before I knew it my sisters were around me and waiting for me to change my mind.

"No!" I said. Nothing is going to change my mind. I will NEVER go to that party! They all pouted but I moved my head ot the right.


"Come on!" Scarlet wailed like a child. It was funny since she was older than me and I was younger.

"No way! I will never-" I spoke again but I was cut off by Lizzy.

"Just go!"Lizzy urged. "If something goes wrong Scarlet and I will be here for you, so no need to worry!"

I sighed. If I say no again they will just keep begging me to say yes. "Fine! Fine!" I said while raising my hands up in the air as a sign of giving in. "I will go." Scarlet and Lizzy yelped in happiness but I wasn't happy. Not at all. My mum and dad gave me an assuring smile, which I returned.

"Now," Lizzy said while grabbing me.

"We will prepare your outfit!" Scarlet finished for her. "And I will do your makeup, no buts!"

With that they dragged me upstairs to my room. Gosh, why am I so easy to give in? But I guess, this is fate. I did tell Harry I wasn't going to the party. But it seems like I am going.

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