Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


32. Getting Worse?!?!

Sophie's POV

  My eyes were red, probably from all the crying last night. Not that, I really cared. I'm just going to let my life go on like this. It doesn't matter. No matter where I go, Harry Styles will always be there following me. He will always be my nightmare.  

Partly, some of the things were my fault. I trusted him. I got too attached when I knew I shouldn't.   

To love is to destroy. And to be loved, is to be the one destroyed.   

I was an idiot. A stupid girl who was naive.    I brushed my hair and decided to get ready for today. But somehow, a part of me told me to apologise to Harry. Yeah, like hell I will.  

I reconsidered the idea, and realised it may not be such a bad idea. I mean, if I apologise to him maybe things will be better. Wrong! It will NEVER be right.  

After five minutes, I was ready to go to school.  

* * *

The first thing, wait- person, I saw was Harry. I wasn't meaning to apologise to him, but he was the first person I saw. Maybe it was because he was leaning against my locker.   

I wanted to evade him but I knew I couldn't. After all, he was blocking MY locker. I sighed hopelessly before walking to my locker.

 "You're blocking my locker," I said in a soft voice.  

"Oh right," he said, moving away. "Sorry."  

"It's fine." I opened my locker and placed some things inside. I got the things I needed and shut it close.  

"Need help?" Harry gestured towards my books and I felt myself smile. Was this his way of apologising? Or does he have a trick under their sleeves?  

"It's okay, I think I can handle." 

  "C'mon please?" he pleaded.  

I smiled and then handed him my books. "Thanks."  

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw him bite his lip. Was something wrong? "Are you busy later on?"  

"No, why?"  

"I wanted to sort of take you out for a dinner," he said. The nervousness in his voice was obvious and it surprised me. Harry Styles, the mot popular guy in school, has never been nervous.  

"Where?" I asked, keeping an eye on him.  

"Umm, in this grill or something," he said. "But it's near my house."  

"Why not in your house?" I asked. "Surely, you wouldn't want to be seen with some nerd-ish person."  

He looked at me with a look that was new to me- it was filled with anger, pity and guilt. It made me want to take back what I said. "It's not that. I don't even look at you as some nerd."  

"Yes, you do."   

"Maybe, I did." he said. "But I don't, not anymore."  

"We're here," I said, stopping infront of the classroom. I turned to look at him, and carefully got the books out of his grasp. I smiled at him before disappearing to the classroom.  

- - -

Harry's POV  

I watched her as she got the books from my grasp and smiled at me. She walked inside the classroom, and when she was out of sight, I let out a sigh.  

Why is it that when I try to make things right, it just ends up wrong? Yesterday, I tried to ask her out but something just broke in me, and snapped. I shouldn't have yelled at her. I know she's suffered too much because of me. I know this, because of the way she looks at me. She seems so unsure of me, and sometimes I can see fear behind her fragile eyes.  

"Hey, Haz!" I snapped my head to see the rest of the group behind Lia.   

I quickly faked a smile, the same arrogant smile. It's not hard to fake something, you've always used to do. "Hey."  

"Why are you standing in here? C'mon let's go in." Lia walked in the classroom, grabbing my hand and dragging me inside…   When she reached her seat, she kissed me before I could even walk away. I knew she didn't love me anymore, she only did this to make the other girls jealous. I caught a peak at Sophie and she was scribbling things down on her notebook. I caught sight of one of the things scribbled into her notebook: love.  

I shivered at the sight of the word and quickly turned my attention towards Lia. "What do you think the nerd is doing?"  

"I don't know," I said, putting on my proud tone.  

"Let's go check," she said as she gripped on my shirt's collar.   

I saw some of the football jocks going towards Sophie and before I knew it they were infront of her. She didn't seem surprised though, it was like she expected them. Without even looking up from her notebook, I could see a thin smile forming in her lips.   "What are you doing nerd?" I heard one of the guys ask her. One of them nudged her lightly at the shoulders making her accidentally scribble outside of her notebook.  

It was like as fast as the wind, Sophie got up from her chair and her hand went straight to the guy who nudged her, she choked him. I saw that if she pressed harder, he would die. Everyone seemed to back away and I saw something in Sophie. Her eyes were pale and her pupils had turned completely black.   

She blinked and then let go.  

"I'm sorry," she muttered before sitting back down in her seat. The guy who Lia sent quickly ran back to us with shocked faces.  

"Did you-" one of them began but was quickly cut off by Lia.   "Yes, I did." she said, giving one look at Sophie and then sitting down in her seat. I decided to move away and head to my seat before class started. I reached my seat- which was behind Sophie- and sat down.  

She turned her head towards me and began speaking. "You should know that I didn't mean any of that to happen. I'm sorry." I opened my mouth to say something but she had her head already turned towards the teacher who just newly entered.

  * * *

After class, I quickly got on my feet and followed Sophie out of the classroom. I saw the group all giving me shocked faces, but I didn't care. Right now I didn't.  

"Sophie, wait up!" I said running after her. I finally caught up with her and she looked at me. "Dinner. Remember?"  

"Oh, umm, right." she said, but I knew her attention wasn't fully on me.   

"Is something wrong?" I asked.  

"Umm, no, it's just that-" she stopped, her voice trailing off.

"How about tomorrow night?" she asked. "I'm not really in the mood today."  

"Oh sure," I said, trying to hide the sadness in my voice.  

"Okay," she said before walking towards her next class.  


Sophie's POV  

No. It couldn't be.   I looked at myself in the mirror and my eyes were constantly staying normal. But I knew that it would change, somehow.   

I decided to skip French, Chemistry and History after the incident. I had to know.   I looked at my hands and they were unmistakably not my normal hands. It was starting to happen. I was a fool to actually think that I could run away.

I quickly looked up at the mirror again and saw it. My eyes were different, completely black. Black like the eyes of a monster. I should known. That injection that the organisation gave out to their spies was meant to make them stronger, faster, wiser and swifter. A monster, if you ask me.   Now I get what they meant when they told me that no one could run away. No one could run away from who they truly are, their past.  

I blinked and quickly it vanished. My eyes were normal again. What have those bastards done to me?   I felt my phone vibrate and I quickly answered it.   

"Lizzy!" I said, feeling panic start to rise.  

"Sophie! What's wrong?" she asked. "You said to call you right away."  

"I'm- I'm turning to that monster!" I stuttered.   "

But you quitted!" she reasoned out.

 "I did, but not too early! They inject every spy when they reach 9," I said. 

 "Oh crap! You- you're going to turn--" she stopped.  

"Turn what?" I asked. "Lizzy what!?" I yelled.  

"Whether you like it or not, sis," she said. "There's no turning back now."  

"Wow! Nice tip!" I said sarcastically.  

"Sorry," I heard her mutter on the phone.  

I sighed. "I guess I'm just going to have to bear with everything, then."

  "Yeah," Lizzy said.  

"Okay, bye." I said firmly. I hung up and before I knew it, tears were starting to form in my eyes. I didn't care. I just wanted to cry. I wasn't crying tears of sadness, this time I was crying tears of anger. I was mad. Mad at the past.  

I heard the door of the comfort room open and the "groupie" girls entered. The cheerleaders. Lia spotted me and quickly smirked. I looked down at the sink infront of me and hoped badly that they won't come closer. 

  I ran out of the comfort room before they started to annoy me. My life is just getting worse.  


Author’s Note: Uh-oh!!! What do you guys think is going to happen?! Sorry for the late update, I was very busy. Anyways, I plan on putting 5 more chapters and then the story is done. But don't worry guys, I’m already working on the sequel!!! Yayyy!!!

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