Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


7. First Time Tutorial

Honestly, it wasn’t so hard tutoring him. He was quite smart. But when he got to know the topic really well, he started to become arrogant. 

“So practically,” I told him. “That’s all for today."

“I’m totally ready for the exam on Monday!” he said. “Thanks for the help."

“No worries,” I said. But deep down inside, it was a big worry for me. He was quite a pain, since every time his phone vibrated he would stop the tutoring lesson and check his phone. God! Were all popular people like this?

“So, do you want to move on to another subject?” he asked. 

“Harry, we’ve covered all the subjects already.” I stopped myself. I actually called him by his first name. I swallowed. Nobody was allowed to call him by his first name unless you were his friend or you were popular. I felt myself die. I was dead.

“So I don’t have to go to tutoring lessons anymore?” he joked. I felt relieved, he did not actually hear me. 

“Well, that’s if you know how to be responsible and study on your own instead of snogging your girlfriend,” I snapped at him. He rubbed the back of his neck and laughed.

“I can’t believe you're still going to point out that,” he said. I smiled and then started keeping all the books on the floor. He just watched me while I did it. Obviously, he didn’t want to help out some weird girl. I placed all the books on the table and then I heard the door open. 

“Sophie! I’m home!!!” It was Scarlet. I smiled at myself, she was finally home. When she showed up in the living room, I can tell she was shocked to see Harry there. She walked beside me and whispered. “Tutoring a popular guy?” I nodded my head and she laughed. “Okay I’ll leave you two to study. I still have projects to finish.” WIth that she went upstairs and I heard her door shut close.

I looked at Harry and he looked at me in disbelief. “You have a sister?"

I rolled my eyes. Was he even listening to me when I told him awhile ago that I had a sister? Well I guess not. I mean, who would be interested in my life. My life was so boring. “Yeah, I do."

“Is she a cheerleader?"

“No!” I shouted at him. I knew what he was thinking. He totally wanted to shack up with Scarlet.

“Geez, I wasn’t planning to-“ but he shut up when he saw my face. I gave him a ‘don’t-you’dare’ look, and he probably knew it was best to stay away.

There was silence for a moment until I decided to break it. “Anyways! See you on Monday.” I walked to the door and opened it for him. He tilted his head to the left and gave me a ‘seriously?’ look. I nodded my head, and he walked towards the door.

“Oh yeah Sophie,” he said.


“Thanks, I appreciate it. You know, I know it’s hard since you obviously hate me, and I’m a real asshole. But yeah-"

“Don’t mind it.” I said. “It was quite fun tutoring you."

“Really?” he said. I bet he didn’t believe me, but actually I did somehow mean it. “Well, that’s good.” He flipped his hair and now it just made me pissed. “So when’s our next tutoring schedule?"

“I don’t know. How about Wednesday?"

“Wednesday, would be fine.” he smiled at me, and left.

I closed the door behind me and felt so gooey inside. Harry Styles was obviously gonna beat the crap out of me when I reach school. I heard he was kind to you when he needed you, but when you were no use to him he would treat you like dirt again. Or as if you didn’t exist.

I sighed. I knew what was gonna happen. When his grades would increase, he would obviously forget that I tutored him. And he would be all so arrogant about his good grades. Well at least.

I guess it would be better, if I just stayed out of his life after the tutoring thing. Yeah.

I guess that would be best.



Author’s Note: So sorry guys if this chapter wasn’t so nice. But it’s just more on their first tutoring… I hope you guys enjoyed reading it so far… 

I’m also asking your suggestions on how to improve. Thanks for taking time to read my story! :)




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