Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


35. Epilogue

***Months Later***


"Damn it!" I yelled, as the bullet passed through.

"Throw the grenade and escape!" the person in the walkie talkie said. "I repeat, escape! Bomb the place and escape."

"I have other plans," I said, as I reloaded my gun. "Hope these people now how to deal with shot guns."

I looked over to Daisy, my partner, she nodded her head and so did I.

"Let's do this, baby." I said to no one in significant. I got up from the table I was hiding in, and shot the first person I saw. "Thats what I was talking about."

I fired the gun again, and soon so was my partner. I eyed the exit, and gestured to Daisy. She ran towards it with me behind her, still firing the gun. I threw the grenade behind me before shutting the door. 

We made it outside just in time. The building exploded behind us, sending ashes everywhere and broken parts of the buildings.

So this is my life. My story. 

This is who I am now. And honestly, I don't regret it.

It seems like everyone moves on, and I did too.

Harry became pretty popular when he joined X-Factor. He got put in a boy band, and honestly, it's what's best for him. I knew our relationship would get us nowhere really.

It was good too that he became famous, or I would have never found this life. Harry met new girls, and had some new girlfriends, some of them were celebrities. He's happy, I know it. I'm happy too.

I looked behind me at the burning building, and then placed my shades on, like it was the most normal thing to do. Like hell, I probably even seemed like a person who would do no harm to anyone.

I walked casually in the pavements, blending in with the casualties, who seemed curious and panicked at the same time. I had a smile on my face, a grin to be honest. I turned to Daisy, who was walking beside me.

"Great job," she said.

"We did a great job," I said. 

If there was one thing I learned from Harry Styles, that is to know how to walk casually in the corridors while acting like nothing is bothering you. Yeah, my high school life was amazing. But so is my life now.

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