Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


19. Dinner

The next day, Wednesday, went supper fast. And before I knew it, I had to meet Harry after class in his parking lot. I saw him in his usual position beside his car. I walked up to him, and he gestured to his car. I walked inside his car and we drove off without any small talk or whatever.

We arrived in his house, and then entered. When we there Harry took off his blazer and threw it in the couch.

"MUM!" he yelled which made my ears almost erupt. His voice was naturally loud so his yelling was like his voice was plugged into the loudest speaker in the world. "WE'RE HERE!!"

"I'm in the kitchen dear," his mum replied. Wow, his mum's voice was so soft, so where in the world did he get his loud voice? Probably his dad.

We went to the kitchen, and I saw his mum cooking. She walked towards us when she saw us enter the kitchen. She was a pretty lady. She had Harry's eyes, and she was really kind.

"Hi," she stuck out her hand and I took it. "I'm Anne, Harry's mum."

"Please to meet you Mrs. Styles," I said politely. I had this vow that I would always try to make a good impression on everyone I met. She smiled and then headed back to cooking dinner.

"Okay, mum, we'll just be in my room studying," Harry got me by the wrist and brought me to his room. It was the typical boy room, with clothes in his bed. I stared at his bed in disgust. I must have pulled on a face since Harry elbowed me.

"What was that for?" I shrieked. 

He shrugged his shoulders before answering my question. "Just to make you stop looking at my bed."

"I wasn-" I began but he gave me a face which made me shut my mouth quickly. 

"Anyways, let's begin." he said as he got out some books from his bag. He threw it in his bed, and he sat down on the floor. I sat down across him, and was thankful that I wasn't wearing a dress.

We studied for several minutes, but we got distracted cause of all of Harry's phone calls. He just had to answer each and every one of them. While he was busy with all of his phone calls, I decided to text my friends and tell them how everything was. They replied like almost right away which was really normal. The moment he came back I quickly placed my phone back into my pocket.

"So are we almost done?" He sat down back into his normal spot and I just nodded my head in response to his question. Harry opened his mouth but before he could say anything the door burst open.

"Dinner time," his mum said. We both gave a quick 'okay'and then we stood up from our spots. We went down, and I was shocked to see so much food. 

I sat down and not long after we began eating. We talked all throughout dinner, and laughed sometimes. I realised that Harry was actually the fun type when you got to know him more. His mum was so kind, and she kept asking me questions that had to do something with my life. I found out several things about Harry like loved to sing and that he dreams of becoming a famous singer someday. I never heard hi sing, and I was really eager to hear him. But due to my stupidity, I was too shy to ask him to sing. All of us talked a bit more, when all of a sudden a phone rang. Harry checked his phone but it wasn’t his, I checked mine and to my surprise it was mine. 

“I’m sorry, I have to take this,” I excused myself from the dinning room and went to their living room to talk to whoever it was on the phone. Most of the time the name of the person would pop out in the screen but right now it didn't. Which was really awkward.


Harry’s POV

My mum kept telling Sophie all about my life and my hobbies and my likes and dislikes. I wondered if she was bored of listening to all of it, but I assumed she was. But if she was, she didn’t show any sign of boredom or lack of interest. I watched her as she laughed and listened carefully to my mum’s stories, and I guess it made my mum happy to talk to someone who was willing to listen. When I brought Lia home to meet my mum, she wasn’t even listening to a thing my mum was saying. Everytime my mum tried to talk she would always interrupt but my mum never complained. 

I was glad my mum didn’t even bother complaining about Lia, I guess she knew I loved her. But right now, I wasn’t even so sure if I loved her. I looked at Sophie, as she talked with my mum. I brought myself to reality when a phone rang. I checked my phone but it wasn’t mine, I looked over to Sophie who got her phone out. I saw that it was ringing and she kindly excused herself from the dinning room.

The moment she was gone my mum gave me a look.

“What?” I asked her suspiciously. I knew my mum was the type of girl who said that she liked the girl the moment she was gone.

“She’s kind, I like her,” my mum admitted.

“I know, it was obvious,” I chuckled. 

“Are you two like-“ my mum began but I quickly cut her off.

“No mum, we aren't,” I said. “I’m still with Lia."

My mum’s smile quickly faded when I mentioned Lia. I knew she never liked her, but I guess she had to accept the fact that I was with her. She kept quiet and the only thing she managed to say was ‘oh’.

“Yeah mum,” I said. “Sophie is just my tutor, nothing more nothing less."

“So you guys aren’t friends?” my mum said, with disappointment in her voice. I guess I couldn’t blame her. Lia was trouble wherever she went but I guess I could relate to Lia more than Sophie. And plus, mothers always had this thing that they would prefer the goody good girls.

“We are friends,” I replied and I saw my mum’s spirit lighten up. “But it’s quite complicated."

“It’s okay dear, I understand.” my mum tapped my back and I looked up to see her standing there beside me. I looked over to see Sophie and she seemed like she was going to collapse any time soon. She had her hand over her mouth and she seemed so shocked like she was gonna drop her phone. Her eyes were wide open like she just saw a ghost or something. She noticed me looking at her and quickly put on a smile. I smiled back and then she seemed to be arguing with the person like she wouldn’t believe. She closed her phone and then took in a deep breath. 

She walked back inside the dinning room and sat down. “I’m sorry about that.” she apologised. 

“It’s alright, sweety,” my mum said. My mum got up and left the dinning room. Minutes later she came back with desserts and then she distributed it. Sophie took a bite and I saw my mum cross her fingers. She was eager to hear Sophie’s comment, since this was basically the first time my mum made dessert for someone.

Sophie licked her lips then swallowed the dessert down her throat. Beside me I can feel my mum tense up beside me. 

“It tastes wonderful,” Sophie commented with a smile. My mum gave out a relieved sigh and I clutched her hand.

“Thank you,” my mum said. 

“Now I see where Harry got his cooking skills,” she observed. My mum blushed and then smiled at her.

“I’m not as good as him, though,” my mum said beaming at me.

“But you have to admit this is one of the best homemade desserts,” she said.

“Really?” my mum said and her voice was full of shock.

“Yup!” she said while popping the ‘p’. 

“Anyways dear, Harry will wash the dishes while I show you his baby pictures,” my mum said grabbing Sophie and leading her to the living room to see my photos.

“MUM!!!” I said feeling a little embarrassed. 

“Oh it’s okay dear,” my mum hurried off to the living room, searching for my photos. I gave out a sigh, this was so embarrassing. I cleaned up the dishes quickly and then went to the living room. Sophie was sitting beside my mum and they were both laughing.

“He looks so different as a child,” Sophie commented. I saw her pointing at my baby picture, the one when I had blonde hair. She was laughing as my mum flipped the page from the next to the next. I smiled to myself, I was glad she didn’t criticise me. Besides even if she saw my baby pictures, it wasn’t like she was gonna tease me about it. My mum closed the photo album after they finished looking at my childhood pictures, and went to keep it.

“You’re mum’s a kind lady,” she said when she glanced up to see me.

“I know,” I sat down beside me and she moved to make space for me. 

“Did she take care of you?” she asked me.

“Pretty much,” I paused. “My dad left my sister and I when I saw still a kid, so my mum pretty much did all the parenting herself."

There was silence for some time between us and the only word she managed to say was “oh”. I looked at her and some of her hair fell on her face, and somehow I felt the weird urge to put it behind her ear. I contained myself, and looked away. She fixed her hair and I was thankful she did.

“Harry, why don’t you bring Sophie home,” my mum said the moment she popped back in the living room.

“Sure,” I stood up from my seat and so did Sophie. She hugged my mum goodbye and I drove her home. We didn't talk throughout the way to her house, but I preferred it that way. She went out of my car and gave me a small smile before disappearing inside her house.


Author’s Note: Hey guys! I’m sorry if this took me forever to update! It’s quite a long chapter!! Yayyy! So anyways tell me if you’re wondering who Sophie was talking to on the phone!!! I’m planning to write the phone call in the next chapter but somehow I don’t want to.. I need your votes. Yes or No! Place it in the comments!

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