Life In High School

With every school comes growing students.

Popular group. Nerds. Romance. Friendship. Enemies.

But when Harry Styles is in your High School Life things may just be a little different.

Sophie is a girl with a perfect life. She’s smart, has friends and a caring family. That is until she is given a task that every girl is dying for. Harry Styles just makes things harder for her.

Will she be able to survive her High School Life? Find out more in Life In High School…


27. Better


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. This was going to be such a long day. Not to mention an awful night up ahead of me. Okay, so most people would have thought that I am crazy for not wanting to attend the party. My neck ached so badly that I have on idea how it started hurting. Maybe I slept in the wrong position last night. Well maybe.

The memory of last night was weird. It just kept replaying in my head.


"I am not going!" I protested and both my sisters gave me an eerie look. They gave me a look that made me feel like I was mental or something.

"What?" Scarlet asked in confusion. "You just said minutes ago that you are going." I just shrugged my shoulders. I really did not want to go to that party. Maybe I did want to go awhile ago, but now my mind told me not to go. As a former spy, I never listen to my heart. But right now, my heart was just plainly pumping so yeah.

"Wait, so you tell me you do not want to go?" I nodded my head in reply to Scarlet's question. She was in total outrage. She was gonna get mad in.. 




"What! So you waste my time looking for a perfect outfit and you later on decided not to go!" Scarlet shouted. 

"Hey chill," Lizzy said comfortingly while rubbing circles in the back of Scarlet to calm her down. 

"WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU NOT GO!!!" Scarlet asked while putting her hands in her hips.

"Cause I just don't want to," I argued.

"AMAZING ANSWER!!!" Scarlet said sarcastically. Lizzy laughed as she watched us arguing over and over again. Before I knew it, we were fighting and talking about different things now.

"Oh so what?" I said. "I don't have to go cause I'm not in a rush for a freaking boyfriend!" Now what I said made Lizzy stop laughing and the room was filled with silence. Scarlet looked at me in confusion. She turned her head to Lizzy who just simply shrugged.

"Wait, are you telling me," Scarlet said quite hesitant with what she was going to say. "That you like him?"

I was caught off guard with what she said. I stood there in awkward silence with their stares on me. I sigh then sat down in my bed. My sisters came over to me, Lizzy on my right and Scarlet on my left.

"I used to like him," I sighed. "I mean sometimes I feel something for him, but I always shrug it off. It's hard liking someone who will never fall for you, you know what I mean. I'm a nobody, and he's part of a popular group."

"I liked him for quite some time before, but then I realised it as impossible so I decided to just leave it, and move on. But I guess some of the feeling I've had for him has somewhat resurfaced. I just don't know what to do, he's being so kind but I'm scared if it's all just an act." I explained. I felt the tears forming in my eyes but I forced it to not fall off. I prevented myself from blinking since the tears would fall, but I couldn't help it. 

"Ohh, it's okay," Scarlet said while pulling me for a hug. "I'm sorry for forcing you."

"It's okay," I muttered. The words were swallowed up by my tears and crying. Soon enough, both, Scarlet and Lizzy, were beside me and hugging me. They were so strong that I felt my neck ache with their strength. 

"A-a-ah you guys are almost breaking my neck," I said. They chuckled before letting go. Scarlet and Lizzy stood up from their seats and went over to the door. Oh yeah, Lizzy now has her own room. My parents said it was best if we had our own privacy.

"Don't go if you don't want to, I won't force you," Scarlet said before walking out of the door with Lizzy following after her.


Oh my gosh! I actually thought that I would be going to that party! But I knew I wouldn't be going. Cause honestly, I just can't picture myself in a party filled with all the popular people.

I got out of bed and then tied my hair into a ponytail. I walked over to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I stopped by infront of a mirror and studied my reflection. Honestly, I looked so- ugh. I could never be beautiful. I am some rotten person with no personality. I sighed. I will never meet the standards of the word 'beautiful'.

I stripped and then walked over to the shower. I let the water pour over me. It was refreshing and it soothed my mind. After I finished, I walked out and put on my under garments. I placed a bath robe over my body since I still had to look for my outfit for today. No body was coming over and I wasn't going out so I chose something simple. I got some sweatshirt and shorts. 

After changing I headed downstairs to see my family all eating in the dinning room. I pulled out one of the chairs and sat down.

“Morning,” I greeted.

“Morning!” they al said in unison.

“So you’re not going to the party?” my mum asked with a curious look.

“Nope,” I said proudly. 

“Okay,” that was all my mum said. I continued munching on my cereal while dad was reading the newspaper.  Lizzy was texting using her spy phone, so I’m guessing it’s either Ava or Derek who she’s texting. Scarlet was filing her nails, while mum was eating.

“Oh yeah!” Scarlet said, breaking all the silence. “I’m making my special recipe for dinner!"

“Umm, I think I’ll pass,” Lizzy joked. Scarlet shot her a stern look which made all of us laugh.

“Okay, dear,” mum approved. “Just don’t burn down the kitchen.” my mum quickly added which made Scarlet seem flush. 

I remember he first time she cooked something for us. She placed sugar instead of salt, which cause all of us to have sore throat for many days. It was funny though. And the second time around, she destroyed the cooker. So apparently my parents had to buy a new one.

I’m sure Scarlet was remembering those moments too since she had a thinking look on.

“I won't!” Scarlet promised.

“Sure you won't,” Lizzy chirped teasingly. We all laughed when Scarlet shot a death look to Lizzy which cause Lizzy to choke on the food in her mouth.

“Girls, don’t fight,” my dad warned. But honestly, when my dad tries to be super strict he just doesn’t sound like it. We never feared of dad, we only feared of mum. She was the scary one, but we don’t regret it, since we have a wonderful family.


So the whole day we had family time. We joked and talked together. I was glad my parents weren’t one of those parents that had on time for their family at all, I’m glad they acted like our best friends.

“Okay!” Scarlet called from the kitchen. “I’m done!"

“If it tastes horrible, don’t forget I told you so!” Lizzy said quickly. 

We all sat down and ate. To be honest, it was wonderful. The food was amazing. Maybe Scarlet did improve, maybe we underestimated her.

“Oh my gosh!” Lizzy said in disbelief. “This is super good!"

“I told you so!” Scarlet mimicked. 

We ate dinner peacefully but not in silence. We were so noisy, since dad kept pulling on funny faces which made us laugh. Mum quite disagreed with it at first but then she later on joined the laughter. This was a fun night. I may not have been to the party of the popular group, but I know this was much more worth it compared to going to a party.


Author’s Note: Sorry for using a different font since I did this chapter in TextEdit!!

Anyways! Here’s the next chapter! I know it kinda sucks, but the next chapter would be better. I promise!!!!

Stay awesome! 

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