This story is about a Louis Tomlinsons sister(please note this isnt actually one of his sisters) who falls in love with Niall Horan but she gets a lot of abuse when she does. The story starts from when they meet to where they grow up together and have children-enjoy!


1. Abbie Tomlinson

Right, before you scream and have a little fangirl moment, yes i am Louis tominsons sister, Abbie Tomlinson. Yes Louis tomlinson from the worldwide famous boyband One Direction. But believe me louis isn't as perfect as you think. I have some stories about him which would be worthy of front page in every newspaper in.the.WORLD!! I am 19mhave brown hair and blue eyes. I dont find myself pretty, well i've been told enough times by various people that Im not that you just believe it. Not worthy to be Louis sister. I dont understand why they'd be horrible to Eleanor(louis girlfriend) let alone his own sister. WOW! Heres something that you may be quite suprised about... i've never actually met the boys . Well Louis bought harry home a couple of times but thats about it, in fact in a few day i wont be seeing louis for 8 months, stupid overly long tours!! Well me and Louis are very close and being without him for that long has deifinetley taken its toll on me. I like the colour baby blue and my favourite food is well EVERYTHING!! I guess you could say i have a very big appettiete. Nope, I dont have a boyfriend and i dont really fancy any of the boys from one direction, well thew blonde ones kinda cute but thats about it. My motto is you only live one so do what you have to do to pull through, so thats me. BYEEE! xx

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