Monsters( Niall fanfic)

I've been through alot. My mother died when I was 5. My father became an alcoholic. He hits my brother and I when we don't do things right. It wasn't like this before. My brother and I abandon our house. We meet the most popular boy band- 1D. Will they help us or not?


8. Tour

Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up. I saw Ivy resting on my chest. She looked so beautiful asleep. She looked so calm. I just wanted to kiss her. I got out of bed and showered. When I came out she was awake and had already taken a shower in my mum's room. She was just applying lipstick and mascara. I loved the fact that she hated make-up. Natural beauty is way better than fake beauty. It's better to be liked for what you really look like rather than because of a mask of make-up that's on you. We went downstairs for breakfast. We had milk and lucky charms cereal. She told me that Lucky Charms was her fave cereal. I liked it because of the leprechaun and LUCKY charms. We ate as the rest of the boys were coming down for breakfast. I heard my phone ringing and ran to our room. I looked at the caller I.D. and saw it was Paul. I answered it. "Hi." "Hi." "What's up?" "Well you guys are going on tour in 1 week." "Really?! OK. Paul we kinda have a problem. We met this girl who ran away from home because she has an abusive father. We found in the park near my house like about a month ago. I invited her to live with me. She became my girlfriend and I have no idea what to tell her. I can't possibly leave her alone. Plus she has a brother who's also living here with me. Her mum died when she really small. She's suffered so much. I-" "Niall you can ask her if she wants to come on the tour with her brother to keep her company. If she doesn't want to then she'll have to stay at your house. That's all I can do for you." "Really?!! Thank you so much Paul. You have no idea how much this means to means to me. Thank you." "No problem. Tell the boys about the tour. I can't tell each one at the moment because I'm busy." "Sure thing." "Bye." "Bye." I can't believe we're going on tour. I can't wait to tell Ivy. I was telling the boys about the tour. I finished telling them including Tony. I asked Ivy if she'd want to come along. She said probably but that she had to talk with her brother. When she finished talking with him, she came to me and said yes. I guess we're all going on tour then. 

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