Monsters( Niall fanfic)

I've been through alot. My mother died when I was 5. My father became an alcoholic. He hits my brother and I when we don't do things right. It wasn't like this before. My brother and I abandon our house. We meet the most popular boy band- 1D. Will they help us or not?


10. The Interview

I woke up. Niall wasn't here. Maybe he had to go to an interview? Oh well. I decided to take a shower. I wore tights with a skirt and a white shirt. I put on a bit of mascara and lipstick. I got some of my mom's make up before leaving dad. Dad. I miss him. I wonder if he's okay with us leaving him. I wonder if he's sad. I'm pretty sure he is. I wish I could visit him. I'll ask Niall someday. I went downstairs to eat breakfast. Yes, downstairs. It's unbelievable that the tour bus has two floors. Anyways, I found everyone eating. "Hey. How'd you sleep sleepyhead? Did we make too much noise?" "Nope. I slept great." I ate leftover pizza from yesterday. The guys ordered pizza yesterday. I got 4 pepperoni pizzas and put them in the microwave. I waited for them to warm up. "So today we have an interview and we were wondering if you wanted to come with us. Your brother's coming." "Yea. Sure." "OK. But be warned. If the fans see us, they'll be screaming." "I can take it." "OK." 

~At the Interview~

We finally arrived at the studio where the boys were going to be interviewed. It was hard trying to get inside. A lot of fans were surrounding us and screaming. They kept pushing. Well at least we're safe inside. The boys started running to a room. Tony and I just stood off to the side. The interviewer was named Jake. He asked us if we wanted to be in the interview. I looked at Tony then at Niall. He mouthed that I could if I wanted to. I told Tony I was going with the boys. He agreed and followed me. There were two long sofas that could seat 8 people and a sofa that could only seat 1 person. Jake was sitting in the sofa for 1 that was on the right of the other sofas. We were in a set. It looked nice and welcoming. It had orange and yellow colors. It was nice. The sofas were white, yellow, and orange. After 5 minutes of waiting, the interview finally started. Jake asked the boys how they were, how they were spending their free time, how they were spending their money, and pop-star stuff. Jake asked me about myself. I also told him that me and Niall are friends. Jake asked the boys about girlfriends. Louis, Liam, and Zayn said that ,their girlfriends, Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie were great. Harry said he's still single. When Jake got to Niall, Niall and I exchanged looks. "So Niall, the cute on in the band. Do you have a girlfriend?" "Umm..." He looked at me. He gave me a look that told me that he was going to tell the world that he's taken. " I do have a girlfriend. She's great." "what's her name? Where is she right now?' "Her name is Ivy. Ivy Summers. She's right here sitting next to me." "Wow. She's beautiful. How'd you meet?" "Thanks. Well...." I had no idea what he was going to do. I hope he doesn't tell the truth. " The boys and I were walking in a park and we found her and her brother there with suitcases. They're orphans. They were kicked out of their house after their father was in a car crash. I invited her to live with me. Weeks later I asked her to be my girlfriend." "You poor thing. Niall's lucky to have someone so beautiful like you." "Thanks." "I didn't fall for her just because of her beauty. I fell in love with her because of her personality." " That's sweet."


Sorry for taking so long on updating. I've been really busy.

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