Monsters( Niall fanfic)

I've been through alot. My mother died when I was 5. My father became an alcoholic. He hits my brother and I when we don't do things right. It wasn't like this before. My brother and I abandon our house. We meet the most popular boy band- 1D. Will they help us or not?


11. Relief

~In the tour bus~

I felt relieved that Niall didn't tell the whole truth. I know he'll have to tell the truth sooner or later. I was so glad he kept it a secret. I didn't want people to think that I'm with Niall for money or anything. "Thanks Niall for not telling the whole truth. I'd hate it if the police decided to put my dad in jail. I love my dad. He didn't always beat us you know. Only when he was drunk. I miss him so much. I wish I could see him." "Well maybe after the tour we can visit him. " "Really?! Thank you. That would mean a lot to me." "Of course." Yes!! I get to see my dad again!! I'm so happy like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning. I can't wait to see my dad. Hopefully he's doing better. I really think he needs help from a psychologist to get over mum's death. I used talk to him when he wasn't drunk. I was like his psychologist. Sometimes I even talked to him when he was drunk, to calm him down. He'd always tell that he never meant to hurt us. He'd always say that it was because he was under the effects of the alcohol.  He'd always say sorry to me. He'd always ask for forgiveness.My brother wouldn't try to talk to him because he'd say that our dad was a monster. He'd say, "How can you still love that monster?! He disgusts me!! How can you still love him after everything he's done to us?!!" You wanna how I can still love him? Well it's cause I know how to forgive. It's cause I know that inside that man that hurts us everyday, there's still the wonderful father that we or I still love, always have, and always will. Tony has changed a lot. He acts as if our father is a criminal or as if he's a stranger we let in the house. It makes me mad when he acts that way. Our dad is just as sad as us about our mum's death. Dad feels like drinking will help him forget about the tragedy. Dad would hit us if we did something wrong or sometimes even if HE did something wrong. I've tried so hard to try to bring the old dad back. I wonder how much longer till the tour ends. 

"Hey boys!!" "Hey!!" "How much longer till the end of the tour?" "Umm.. about 7 or 10 days. Why?"-Liam "Uhhh.....No reason." "You can tell us."-Zayn "Well Niall said that after the tour I could probably visit my dad." "Ohhhhhhhhh."-all in unison We sang songs by different artists and uploaded them to my YouTube channel. Afterwards I checked my twitter. I read some hateful and hurtful tweets. Some like ''you probably only want publicity", "you don't deserve Niall'', "I think you only want Niall's money and fame". Niall had gone to the fridge to get drinks. He came back and saw some of the hateful tweets. "Ignore them. They don't have a clue as to what you've been through." "I know. It's annoying how people just like to spend their lives pissing others off." "True that." "Hahaha." We played Chubby Bunny. For those of you who don't know what it is: it's a game where you stuff marshmallows in your mouth and say 'chubby bunny' after each one you put in your mouth. 

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