Monsters( Niall fanfic)

I've been through alot. My mother died when I was 5. My father became an alcoholic. He hits my brother and I when we don't do things right. It wasn't like this before. My brother and I abandon our house. We meet the most popular boy band- 1D. Will they help us or not?


9. On Tour

Tomorrow is the tour! OMG! I'm so excited. I can't believe it. I hope that when fans find out that I'm dating Niall, I won't receive hate. I'd hate it if that happened. We were all packing for the tour. We were all done packing. It was 12pm. We went to an ice cream shop to eat some ice cream. The boys had to stay hidden from fans and all. We got their and ordered our ice creams. I chose chocolate chip mint. Niall chose the same as me. The other boys chose chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and cookies & cream. I noticed the girl who was attending us trying to flirt with Niall, who didn't notice her at all. She came back with our ice creams and asked us if we wanted anything else. She left to attend other customers. We were done and we were waiting for the bill. She came with the bill but she also had a tray with drinks on it in her hand. She 'accidently' spilled water all over me. She left the bill and said sorry with a fake frown. She left and attended her other customers. She didn't even get me paper towels. I just told the boys that we should leave and head home. "Niall, do you know why she did that?" "No." "Well that wasn't an accident. She did that on purpose. She was trying to flirt with you but you didn't notice her. I guess she figured out I'm your girlfriend and decided to spill that drink all over me.", I said laughing. "Oh. But how's that funny?" "You didn't notice her and she looked like a fool." We all laughed. I showered and changed. I wore jeans and a flowing top. We weren't leaving till 6pm. It was 1:30pm. 

~6:00 pm~

We were getting on the tour bus. I'm so excited. We were all very tired from all the stuff we've been doing. We all went to sleep. I was really tired. Tony went to sleep as soon as he put his things down. Niall went straight to the fridge. Everyone else in the 'room' watched tv. I went to sleep straight away after eating.

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