Say you'll stay

Say you'll stay isn't the actual name. It doesn't have one. So comment some names I could use. Just a random story I made on my notes. It turned out well so I decided to post it. Hope u guys like it!


1. We meet again

"Hello" he stated bluntly while walking over to me."Hi" I simply stated, my face plain, without emotion. "Harm, ar-" "I told you NEVER TO CALL ME THAT!" I screamed, my face red with anger. "I..erm...sorry. I mean Harmony."He stuttered "Better..." I mumbled. "May I ask...WHAT DO YOU WANT?! I TOLD YOU TO NEVER COME BACK!" I yelled at him. I could feel the fire in my eyes as i imaged its white flames raging up with anger. " you back." He stated. I just laughed. "Do you think this is a joke? Some kind of game? Do you think I'm a prize hanging off the rack, waiting for you to Claim me? Do you actually think I'm just gonna say 'I want you too' and were gonna be together again? Because if you do, you may as well throw everything away and just leave. I'm not that easy. You can't just throw a ball and have me. I built up walls that you are never going to get through. My heart is a rock. You can't just come at me with bare hands and expect me to break." I was about to walk away when I felt rough hands crush my wrists. He spun me around, my back hitting the wall. Pain spread around my shoulder blades as I tilted up my head. I cringed as i felt warm liquid escape come from a scrape in my back.. "I didn't ask if you wanted to be mine" He said, his voice hissing in the air. "You didn't have to. I still said no." I simply said trying to twist my wrist away. He kept his grip on me, and glared. I glared back,staring right into his brown eyes. He released my wrists still almost staring into my soul. I picked up my purse from the floor, and walked out of the alley. I could sense his eyes staring at me, but I ignored it. I'd had enough of him. The street lights burned my eyes as I walked down the road. I could hear the sounds of Shoes walking down the street after me. I knew it was him. I turned around. "Why don't you just leave me alone?!" I yelled into the darkness behind me. I heard nothing so I continued walking.
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