Say you'll stay

Say you'll stay isn't the actual name. It doesn't have one. So comment some names I could use. Just a random story I made on my notes. It turned out well so I decided to post it. Hope u guys like it!


3. Thinking of you

I locked my door and slammed my white purse on the ground. I threw up my hands. "Why won't he leave me alone?!" I screamed, pulling at my hair. "Who?" I spun myself around to see my mother standing at my kitchen doorway, drinking a glass of orange juice. "Zayn! He keeps following me! Like when I go shopping, He's there! Swimming, Hes there! And on a walk, He's there! It's a nightmare!" She shrugged and sat on the couch in front of me. "Maybe he's not looking for you. Maybe your just looking for him." She said starring into my eyes. It reminded me of how Zayn had looked into my eyes a couple of minutes ago.Almost as if he was starring into my soul. A chill went up my spine causing me to shiver and look away. "Me? Looking for him? Are you crazy?!" I cried plopping face down on the opposite couch. "No. I'm experienced." She said. I propped my head up, my elbows resting on the cushions and my chin In my hands. "And I found Niall beat up in an alley! Again!" I complained. She just shook her head. "...Well, ill be off to bed now." She said yawning "Goodnight mom"
"Night. See you in the morning."
She closed the door to her room as I pulled out my phone. 2 missed calls and 1 text. I didn't bother with the calls, knowing it was Zayn. I opened the text from my one of my best friends.
xxxHow are you??? Hope your ok! Miss you!xxx
I decided to text her back.
Xoxo I'm great! Well kinda. I'm having 'Zayn troubles' again. He's everywhere?! Anyways miss you to! Ttyl bye! xoxo
I put my phone in my pocket and ran up to my room. I changed into black shorts and a red shirt with a white collar. I lay down on my bed, and stare at my dark red walls. What did my mom mean "Maybe your just looking for him?" I'm not looking for him, he's looking for me! Right? Yeah...right!
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