Say you'll stay

Say you'll stay isn't the actual name. It doesn't have one. So comment some names I could use. Just a random story I made on my notes. It turned out well so I decided to post it. Hope u guys like it!


6. Morning bridge

I woke up in my room, now facing the ceiling. I quickly turned on the lights. I put a finger to my lips. Who is that? Why does he keep appearing in my dreams? "I think I love him...even though he doesn't exist." I whispered to myself.   "the man in my dreams is the man of my dreams." I pulled myself out of bed and walked over to my closet. My feet lightly dragged across the floor, along my white carpets. I chose a simple non-girly outfit for the day, like I always do. I tugged on a blue and black varsity jacket over my shirt. I did up the top button, and left the rest loose. I ran down the stairs, slipping on my red Vans.
I didn't bother leaving a note for my mom, because she knew I always went out in the mornings. I walked outside, being greeted by a small shower of snowflakes. I watched as millions of them floated away from me. I made my way down the street, breathing in a bit of fresh air. A breeze blew past me, whipping my hair across my face. I shivered and walked back towards my house. I hummed silently,until I got underneath a bridge. To be specific morning bridge.No lights surrounded it, and it was pitch black. My mouth curved up into a smile as I found my way to the entrance. I pushed my way through a tall brass gate, and started to walk up the bridge. Soon enough I found myself at the top of the bridge. I pushed my small body up against the brick wall surrounding the outside of the bridge, and propped my arms on top. I placed an elbow upright, and rested my chin I'm my hands. The rushing water beneath me, created a few waves, splashing cold slivers of water over my tired face. I looked over the side into the rocks beneath me. I let my head hang limp over the front, a few waves of water still disturbing the blue stream. I just Laid  there for a few minutes, the sound of rushing water send me into a daze. I felt a small movement by my thigh, so I peered down. Nothing seemed out of place, except a small brick pushed forward slightly. I turned back to the water in front of me, searching for anything interesting. My eyes stopped at the edge of the water, near the shore.  A boy stood, throwing stones into the water. He looked around 18. He stopped for a moment and looked up at me. I stared at him for a moment, catching a glance of emerald green eyes. He turned away and walked back into the emptiness of the street. I stood, mesmerized by his shocking green eyes. I came out of my daze to the brick under my elbow tilting forward taking my arm with it. I pulled back and slammed it back into place with my elbow. A few bricks at the very bottom fell into the blue and black water. I tried to get off but my feet wouldn't move, neither would my body. I'm gonna die. I tried to scream in hope that someone would hear me, but nothing came out. "Save me." I whispered. I felt all the bricks supporting me fall and hit the water. I reached my hands out as my body tipped over the edge of the bridge.

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