Say you'll stay

Say you'll stay isn't the actual name. It doesn't have one. So comment some names I could use. Just a random story I made on my notes. It turned out well so I decided to post it. Hope u guys like it!


4. Dreams

I turned over to face my other wall. I let my eyelids drop as I hummed along to "Mirrors" by Lil Wayne. Soon I fell into a restless sleep.   I stood frozen as he excited his car. He had a red beanie on over his dark curls. He walked over to me and pulled me into a tight hug. "I missed you" He said, his mouth right beside my ear. My mouth curved up into a smile. it had been years since someone other than my mother treated me like a human being. Most people call me Harm because of my aggressive nature. Even my mother calls me Harm, because of one time she found me in a fight at school, which i won, and she never looked at me the same again. she is almost afraid to touch me. Some people call me Unnamed because...i really don't have a name. And the only one someone gave me is Harm, after a school fight took place, involving me and 3 players from the foot ball team. Which i also won. I felt him released me and pull back. He studied me from top to bottom until his eyes rested on me. His mouthed tugged up into a smile. "You've gotten taller since last time I saw you." I just stood, staring into his eyes. He smiled at me and grabbed my hand, pulling me into the car.He placed me on his lab and began rubbing circles on my back. The mesmerizing  action made me close my eyes.
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