Dangerously In Love

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2013
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COMPLETED. Georgia Brink had a wild past. She lived a dangerous life. She wanted out. Moving to Bane was supposed to be a new change for her. That was until she met Niall Horan. She swore to herself that she wouldn't get into the bad crowd. She promised herself she would be the good person she used to be. Will she keep her promises? Or will she fall for the badass, Niall Horan? ((first chapter to the sequel is up))


23. Chapter 23

Chapter 23


Niall’s POV


“I have a plan.” I announced. The boys’ head shot up and they gave me an expression that showed they were ready to hear what I’ve got to say.

The past two weeks we’ve all been searching for Georgia. We didn’t want to involve the police despite the protests of Mindy and Hanson. After a few hours of arguing they finally came to an agreement that involving the police would cause more damage than good. The school just thinks that Georgia went to Oregon, where Mindy’s parents are, for a family commitment.

However, her group of friends knows the truth, Cindy, Jared, Beth, Mike and Violet. Cindy knew that she was missing when I called her up the day she disappeared. I told them everything- the gang, the kidnapping, the feud- all off it. They all seemed intimidated at first but they’re not anymore. I promised to keep them updated the whole time. 

I have a group of twelve guys, four of them were Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn, two of them were Mike and Jared- who bravely volunteered to help- and the other six were men from my gang. Blake, one of my guys, spotted James and followed him to an abandoned mansion a few miles out of town and over the state line of California into Nevada. blake told me the information and we spent that last few days trying to figure out how to get in since there were so many men crawling around every entrance of the building. 

Mindy, Hanson and myself were all anxious to just go in and get her. But Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn talked some sense into us, saying that we wouldn’t make it out alive if we went in irrationally. We had to go in there prepared with a plan and weapons. 

I just wanted Georgia back. The girl I am hopelessly in love with.

“Okay, so there’s 11 of us and there is a front door, a back door, a window to the basement and 8 windows on the first floor. There are at least two men at each. Each of us will have two hand guns, a pistol and a knife. We use our silencers to shoot at the men at the stations we want to get in and then we go in through the windows. We search every room in the damn house and kill anyone in our sight.” I tell them.

Most of them nodded but Landon, a 21-year-old high school drop out shook his head. “There are a few flaws in that plan. There are more people scouting the house, moving back and forth around.” 

“We eliminate them. We’ll scout around ourselves first then we attack the house.” I said in an obvious tone. Landon nodded and then we started to talk about positions and who’s at where.

“Um, Niall. we don’t know how to use a gun.” Mike spoke up from the back and Jared nodded. i sighed internally.

“It’s just point, aim and shoot. All you have to be careful about is the kick when you fire.” I told the both of them and they nodded their heads.

We finally finished planning half an hour later and we were all ready. Each of us had two hand guns, a pistol and a knife. We all piled into four different cars, myself in my own ferrari, and drove to the abandoned mansion in Nevada.

It wasn't until we were pulling up to the outsides of the house that I realised I used to come here once a month up until I was twelve. As we were weaving through the streets on our way to this house, a sense of familiarity hit me. Now, as I looked out of my tinted windshield I remembered this was the house my uncle had, my dad'd uncle.

How the hell did James get into this house? My dad had this under his name and I know that because my uncle told me himself.

A knock to my window made me flinch and when I turned I found Louis’ head trying to look through the window. I gestured for him to move back to open the door and he did. Once I was out of the car, I scanned the area.

Yes, definitely my uncle’s place.

“Niall?” I turned to find Louis scrutinising me. He had a look of question on his face. I just shook my head at him and he didn’t ask the question that I knew was on his lips.

“Is everyone ready?” I whispered to everyone. I watched the heads nod.

I turned around and scanned the area around the house. The grass was cut but there were bushes and shrubs surrounding the house. I can see five men scouting about the back of the house, two men outside the shrubbery and someone on both balconies on the second story. At the front of the house, there were two men standing on the porch, guarding the front door, a man at each of the two windows on either side of the porch and another standing at the front gate. 

I held my hand up and curled the fingers in a signal of let’s move. I took out my hand gun and pulled the safety, I heard a few more safety clicks behind me. Everyone dispersed and moved to mark a guy. We all shot at the same time because if we killed them off one at a time someone would most likely notice. Each man dropped to the floor, dead or gravely injured. 

We all moved to the front of the house and Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn and myself all raised our guns and shot the five men standing guard. I turned to the rest of the group.

“If you want to back out, I don’t blame you.” I told them. 

“Nah, man. We’re here to help you.” Blake answered in a loyal tone. His grey eyes were just visible in the fading sun. His eyes were cold and certain, I knew he wouldn’t leave. Blake’s loyalty was an admirable trait.

“Yeah, and we’re here for Georgia as well.” Matt agreed from the back. I nodded my head. 

It was now or never. 

We split up into three groups. I had Matt and Jared with me whilst the rest split into groups of four. The three of us planned to enter the house through the front door, another group through the window to the basement and the last through the back door. I led Matt and Jared through the front door. The house was quiet. The foyer was dark with hardwood floors. There were no furniture in my line of sight but there were two staircases going up on either side. Through the stairs there was a room with a door closed. 

I kept my gun in my hand with its silencer attached. I turned around to look at Matt and Jared. Matt was silent with a serious look on his face. He looked around the room with certain eyes and he kept his gun in his sure hands. Jared looked a little frightened and he held the gun in an uncertain way. He kept it up in front of his body and his eyes scanned every inch of the foyer more than once.

“Keep quiet and if you see someone just shoot.” I instruct and the both nodded. 

I crept forward with silent feet and scanned the room, my arms angled across my body. I led them through the staircases and to the door. I checked the corners on either side and slowly opened the wooden door. I peeked through a slit between the door and frame and it was clear. I opened the door fully and walked straight in. 

“Hey!” A deep voice shouted from my right. 

I turned to face a bulky man next to the doorway. I immediately lifted up my arms and aimed at him. He ran up to me and grabbed the gun before I could shoot. I ignored the shock that built up in me and let go of the gun. I brought my hand up and punched him in the face. The guy staggered back but recovered almost immediately. He aimed a punch to my shoulder which I dodged and retaliated with a kick to the gut. He groaned and aimed a punch again, this time in blind sight. I kicked his stomach once more then punched him. He fell to his knees and I kicked his head which made him fall flat. I brought my knee up and went to smash his face i but Jared grabbed my arm.

“That’s enough. He’s already down.” He said urgently. I sighed but obliged. 

We carried on through the room with Jared in front. It was a large room with a fireplace and a single sofa with a coffee table. The room was familiar to me. I spent countless Christmas’ in this room with the fire burning and the large Christmas tree in the corner. 

“Through here.” I whispered and led them to the other side of the room where another door was. 

I kicked the door open and it was just an empty closet. I sighed, I guess I didn’t remember this place as much as I thought I did. I scanned the room once more before I led them through square glass doors on the other side that led straight through to what I remember was a dining room. 

When we walked through the room, I found a group of men around a circular table. There were glasses of beer and smoke filled the room. I saw piles of poker chips in the middle and each man held a card. There were at least 6 men in the room. 

“Suck it boys.” One of the guys said as he put down his cards and reeled the chips in to his side. The guys around the table groaned as they too put their cards down.

“Who are you?” Someone asked from behind me. I immediately elbowed his face and yelled to the other two to start shooting or something.

The guy that I elbowed punched me in the stomach that was evidently strong and I dropped my gun. It took everything in me to not keel over. I brought my hand up and swung at his head. He grabbed that arm and the other arm that I tried to swing. His twisted my wrists and I yelled in pain. I brought my foot up and kicked him hard in the stomach. He staggered back and bent over. I swung my foot across his face and he spit out blood. He stood up again and chuckled, wiping the blood off his chin.

I vaguely heard gun shots and yelling as the guy stepped towards me. He kicked my knee in and made me bend. He pulled his arm back and aimed for my nose but I grabbed his hand and bent back his wrist. He yelled then bent his arm back and kept bending until I heard a crack. He screamed and I finally grabbed my gun from my waist and hit him in the back of his head with the butt. 

“Niall!” I heard Matt boom. I turned to find three men on the ground and Jared and Mike fighting the other three. They were fine but it looked like Jared or Mike was going to back out soon.

I took one of the guys and hit him with the gun in my hands. He fell to his knees but didn’t pass out. He stood back up straight away. His eyes were cold and sneering and his dragon tattoo on the side of his neck was more prominent. He growled and aimed a kick to my gut. I felt the full force of the kick and almost lost my breath. I coughed a bit but then I regained my strength and tackled him. I grabbed him around the waist and rammed him backwards through the square glass doors. I faintly heard the glass shatter and I felt the pieces scratch my arms. 

The guy groaned and yelled. When I let go I found a shard of glass digging into his shoulder. He was howling in pain and gripping the piece with his hands without pulling it out. I felt remorseful at first but then I realised I couldn’t afford to feel sorry for them. I had to find Georgia.

I ran out of the rooms and into the foyer. There I found everyone fighting. It was like a warn zone. I spotted Blake off to the side, Landon in the centre and everyone else just everywhere. There were people fighting two others and I saw more men running down the stairs. I took my gun out and shot a few of those men running and most of them yelled as they fell down the stairs. 

I ran up to the second floor, pushing people in my way. Once I got to the top, I went into a state of contemplation. Left or right? I had to be very careful with this decision. 

Suddenly i felt it in my gut. It was almost like a pull. My feet started moving and next thing I knew I was running down the left hallway. I had no control over my legs, they just pulled me in this direction. Then I heard her voice. She was yelling.

It felt like my heart was wrung out and twisted so tightly. It was surreal to know that she was within a hundred feet of me. I spent the last two weeks fretting over her health and wondering if she was still alive. I spent the last two weeks wanting her with me. But now that she’s really close I feel so surreal. Not in a bad way but almost like it was a dream. Like hearing her voice was just a lost memory and this was a dream. 

I slowed down my pace and slowly walked towards the door. Her voice was lulling me. I couldn’t hear the shouts from below or the grunting. I forgot about everything and time seemed to slow down. All I heard was her voice and the numbing feeling of knowing it’s her. 

“James!” I heard her voice yell again. My eyes widened as I saw a figure heading my way. As he continued to walk to me, I realised it was James. As soon as he recognised me, he’s eyes widened and he stopped in his tracks.

The anger rose inside me upon seeing his face. I could hear Georgia’s tormented yelling and I knew she was tied down. “You bastard!” I screamed.

I ran at him, my face contorted in anger with Georgia’s yells in the background. I noticed the fact that he didn’t do anything back. He let me beat him mercilessly, taking every punch and hit i threw at him. But I ignored that fact and continued to bruise him. He was the one who kidnapped her! It was all his fault!

“Niall!” An all too familiar voice boomed across the hallway. My fist stopped mid-air as I registered that voice. I looked up slowly, hoping that what I was thinking wasn’t true. 

My stomach dropped when I saw who called my name. I couldn’t believe it. The shock overwhelmed me and I totally forgot about James on the floor. I felt him push me and i fell back on the ground but I never reacted to that. I could only see him.

“Dad?” I gasped. His thin lips spread into a smile. It was neither genuine nor intimidating. It was cold and sneering. His blue eyes pierced mine with a cold-hearted look. His eyes were frozen and glassy, almost like everything was nothing to him.

I got up off the floor, my knuckles bruised, and strode over to him. I took cautious steps each time I neared him. I stopped once I was a few feet away. 

“Dad?” I repeated.

“I definitely didn’t expect you to come here with a group of guys but oh well. Shit happens, doesn’t it?” He spoke in a calm tone, as if this encounter was an everyday occurrence. 

“What the f*ck?” I yelled. I was so shocked and confused but above all, I felt so betrayed.

“Hey, son.” He smiled that sneering, cold smile that I have now started to loathe.

“Don’t you dare ‘hey, son’ me. What is all this!” I shouted at him. “Were you the one who wanted Georgia all along? Is it you? Did James even want Georgia!” 

“Yes, yes and no.” He answered in that annoying calm tone that made me want to rip his head off.

“Is this some sort of joke to you? You kidnapped my girlfriend, for f*cks sake. I have no idea why you’re acting like this happens regularly.” I bellowed. 

“Because, Niall, you’re overreacting. This is just a girl. Besides you’d have to kill her either way if you want to be gang leader.” He shrugged.

I was shocked to say the least. I expected him to be understanding about the whole initiation. He went through hell and back when he killed his brother. I always thought it was a touchy subject for him so I never brought it up. But to hear him say it so calmly as if all I had to do was eat dirt. “Who says I still want to be gang leader?”

His eyes flashed in anger. The blue unfroze and shattered into hot liquid. “You will become gang leader. I didn’t make all those sacrifices for nothing.”

“You didn’t have to kill Uncle Barry and you knew that. Mom begged over and over again for you not to do that, to not get deep into this. And what did you do? You f*cking killed Uncle Barry.” I countered.

“It is not your business on what happened to Barry. I became leader for your sake, you know that.” He answered, his blue eyes running hot liquid.

“You’re asking me to kill someone I love, dad. Imagine me telling to kill mom to become leader. Would you do it?” I snapped. 

“You leaver your mother out of this!” He jabbed his finger at me. 

“No! I will bring my mother into this. Mom hated the gang life, you knew that but she kept quiet for your sake. You frightened her and you never knew it. Sure, she loved you so much she’d go to hell for you but you frightened her. You intimidated her. Mom hated this for you and especially for me but you ignored her. And for what? Money? Power? She loved Uncle Barry almost like a real brother and she was distraught when you killed him. Did you ever notice how upset she was? Did you!?

Mom would have been happy to know that I’m in love with someone. She would have been so glad and she would have done everything she could to keep me happy with her. So why are you so persistent on keeping the gang in the family name?” I roared at him.

“I told you to leave Brenda out of this.” He growled. 

“Mom would’ve hated you for doing this.” I whispered quietly. His face turned red with anger and he punched me in the face. 

“I loved your mother.” He screamed as he fisted the collar of my shirt and rammed me against the wall. He shook my whole body like trying to force something into my head. “I loved her!”

“Not enough for you to listen to her final words.” I replied. He dropped my body on to the floor and took a few steps back. “Why are you even doing this? Why would you help James? You hate Valley Kings.”

“It was for you. I brought her here so you can finally decide: kill her or the relationship. You’ve had this coming for years the only thing that was stopping you was you had no one you actually cared about.” He said. 

“This is a totally sick way to go about it. I could have decided on my own. You didn’t have to kidnap her and make me worried like crazy.” I shouted.

“It was easier this way.” The man I called my father acted like it was no biggie. 

“You are a son of a bitch. I don’t know why I call you my father.” I scoffed. 

“Niall!” There was like a gravitational pull when I heard Georgia call my name. My body reacted on its own and i started moving to the door where I heard her shout my name. I completely forgot about the bastard that was once my father. All I could think about was Georgia. 

I reached the door and yanked the knob open. I found her on the bed gripping the rope that tied her to the bed. She immediately stopped her pulling when she saw me. Her green eyes melted in relief and her body sagged. She gave me a reassuring smile and it felt like everything fell back into its place again. 

My god, I missed her. She was wearing the same clothes I last saw her in. The black ripped skinny jeans and the blouse I picked out for her. Her shoes were in two different places on the floor beside the bed. Her blonde hair was frazzled in a ponytail and she didn’t look hurt at all. 

“Georgia.” I breathed. I love you.

Her expression changed abruptly. It went from relief to panic as she looked over my shoulder. I turned around and saw what was behind me. The first thing I saw was a gun pointed straight at my chest by Nixon Horan. I heard Georgia call my name out once more before the exploding sound of a gunshot reached my ears.

Then all i felt was pain. Pain through my body. i could hear shouts and yells from other people but the last thing I focused on was Georgia’s agonising scream as she said my name over and over. 

Then I completely blacked out.






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