Dangerously In Love

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2013
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COMPLETED. Georgia Brink had a wild past. She lived a dangerous life. She wanted out. Moving to Bane was supposed to be a new change for her. That was until she met Niall Horan. She swore to herself that she wouldn't get into the bad crowd. She promised herself she would be the good person she used to be. Will she keep her promises? Or will she fall for the badass, Niall Horan? ((first chapter to the sequel is up))


20. Chapter 20

Chapter 20


Mindy's POV (Georgia's mum)


My baby. 

My little girl. 

The one that came running up to me because someone in her kindergarten class told her that santa wasn't real. She came running to me saying that she knew it was true but she wanted to keep pretending he was real so she can keep getting presents. 

At a young age, she's been so clever. She knew how to get out of trouble by the time she was 7, she knew how to lie without a tell by the time she was 9, she knew how to stand up for herself by the time she was 10. 

"Mindy. Mindy?" I could vaguely hear Hanson's voice but I couldn't seem to respond. All i could hear was Georgia's voice, how she yelled and how she spoke calmly. I was just shocked and scared. 

My baby. 

"Mindy! You can't do this again. Don't be scared. Don't act like you did when you're brother died. Please." I could feel him fiercely shaking my shoulders but I still couldn't answer him. "Come back, Mindy. For me, for Georgia." 

At the sound of Georgia's name, I snapped back to reality. I looked deep into Hanson's green eyes that looked so identical to Georgia's and for a second, I thought it was her. I started to cry. The salty tears leaked from my eyes and Hanson wrapped his arms around my waist as I cried into his shoulder. 

"My baby." I cried over and over again. 

"I know." He whispered. "She'll be okay."

I knew he was lying. I knew that he was only hoping. I knew that deep down something sadistic is going on and I knew that Georgia will be permanently scarred by the time she came back. Mother's intuition, I guess. 

"Niall's coming soon." Hanson whispered. I pulled away slightly and looked into his almost lifeless eyes. 

"What?" I asked. 

"He needs to explain. Everything." He responded. 

I understood why Niall was coming. For some reason the whole time I was gone, I felt guilty for judging Niall like that. I could feel deep inside that Niall had more of a purer heart than I did, a stronger heart. But I was blinded by the actions Georgia showed in Ventor. I was tainted by the image of James, ever since James all I could see was Georgia's bad side. Her criminal record, her attitude, her influences. I felt like her type of guy was a lowlife, bad kind of guy. 

I automatically thought Niall was like James. He had that same appearance as James. The leather jacket, the black clothes, the fast sports cars. I judged him and compared him to James. I was so prejudiced. 

But ever since I thought it through when we were in Santa Monica, I realised that I was wrong. At the time I thought Georgia only stood up for him because she hated the way I was controlling her life. I thought she only yelled for him just to yell. Then I realised, she yelled for him for good reason. I knew Niall was going to be that one person that will always be important to her. I could see the way she acted around him that one time. 

A knock on the door brought me back to reality. I watched solemnly as Hanson opened the door. Niall walked into the room with a sag in his shoulders. His head was hung low and not in a defeated kind of way, more like in a permanent cringe. His eyes were distressed and panic-ridden. His hair was disheveled as if it was run through so many times. His breathing seemed uneven like he was so scared. 

"Hi, Mr and Mrs Brink." His tone was dead, with absolutely no life in it. 

"Niall." I nodded in acknowledgement. "Have a seat." 

He sat down on an armchair adjacent to the sofa. Hanson sat beside me and put his elbows on his knees, leaning forward. 

"Tell us everything." Hanson said with authority and determination. 

Niall sighed. "If I tell you everything, will you promise not to judge me or Georgia or anyone I mention?" 

Hanson looked over to me worriedly. I looked him straight in the eye and nodded. I just wanted to know what's going on and who took my baby. 

Hanson still seemed hesitant. He looked to Niall then to me then to a picture of Georgia on the mantel above the tv. He did it again before finally sighing and nodded. "We promise."

Niall sat up straighter and proceeded to tell us the whole story. He told us about how he's in a gang and how Georgia used to be in a gang (which surprised me and sort of impressed me). I soon learnt that James was in the gang Georgia used to be and he was gang leader now. He came here, which was Niall's turf, saying he came for something he wanted that wasn't in Bane. They soon found out that that something was 

Georgia and Niall wasn't going to give her up. Niall then told us how he suspects that James was the one who kidnapped Georgia. But he told us that what scared him the most was that James might not give Georgia back. That James will bring her back to Bane without him knowing. And he was frightened that Georgia will be so scarred that she wouldn't be the same again. 

That was when he started to cry. I could tell he's been trying to stop the tears from leaking. He was obviously as frightened as we were. Hanson gave him a grave look and patted his shoulder. 

"Do you love her, son?" Hanson asked straightforwardly. 

Niall's head snapped up, the tears stopping. "W-what?"

"Do you love me daughter, Niall?" Hanson repeated. 

Niall's face turned panic-stricken for a bit. "N-no. I don't know. I can't. I've only known her for three months. Love doesn't work that fast." He paused for a moment then looked straight at me. "Does it?"

"Love works in the strangest of ways, Niall. I'm sure you felt it creeping up at one point." I told him, a small smile forming on my lips. 

"I... Yeah, maybe." He finally said. 

"So, do you?" Hanson prompted again. 

"I think so." He sat up straighter, the tears gone from his eyes. "Yeah, I do."

"Then tell yourself that no matter what, she will come back to you. That no matter how scarred she is when she comes out, you're going to be the one to make her forget about the scars. That whenever she falls to the dark, you will be the one to bring her back to light." Hanson looked over to me and I gave him a grateful smile. I patted his hand because I knew he was speaking from the heart. He turned back to Niall. "Tell yourself that."

Hanson got up and left the room. It was quieter now, not awkward but just quiet. I could hear Niall's uneven breathing. It suddenly dawned on me that Niall knew more about Georgia than I did. Maybe I was only hanging on to what she used to be. The innocent little girl with the cleverest mind and the purest heart. 

"Tell me about her, Niall." I suddenly heard myself saying. 

Niall gave me a confused look. "What?"

"Tell me what Georgia's like now." I gave him a sad smile. "I bet she's completely different to how she used to be."

He looked at me with an appraising look before answering me. "She has an intimidating atmosphere around her. Not one to be scared of but one to admire. She hates it when people are sexist to her, or any female. She loves music, more than anything. I'd always catch her humming to herself or mouthing words randomly. She's got a clever mind. She loves to let out her inner-child. She'd play with video games at the arcade all night long. And she has an unhealthy obsession for eating. Like this one time, i asked her what she wanted to do on the weekend and all she said was eat. 

Georgia's very passionate and protective. She'll be protective for anyone that's ever entered her life. Even James, no matter how many times he's hurt her, she's always feel the need to protect him. She's not very talkative and it usually takes a lot for her to tell me how she's feeling."

I didn't think he was talking to me anymore. His eyes were unfocused and far away but much more alive than when he first came in. He was wearing a smile that grew with every word. It's obvious that he's really in love with her. 

My daughter. 

"She really values her education. Sometimes she'd look like she's spacing off in class but if you watch her really closely, you could see her mouth moving as if trying to memorise what she just learnt. She cares about people. A lot. It may not look like it but I guess it's one of her defense mechanisms, not to let anyone see how she's really like.

She has the most beautiful smile and vibrant green eyes. Her heart is so pure for someone who used to be in a gang. You raised her right, Mrs Brink." Niall finished, his eyes coming back and the smile still plastered on his face.

I felt reassured as he said that. I felt like I was treating her right. That I yelled at her more than I talked to her. I felt like she went into a bad life because of me. I guess she's always had her mind and her heart in the right place this whole time. 

"Thank you, Niall. I guess i needed to hear that." I smiled gratefully. 

He nodded his head and stood up. "I need to go find Georgia. I'll let you know if I find anything new, Mrs Brink."

I stood up and gave him a hug. He hesitated before hugging me back and i knew he was a word away from breaking down again. "You have no idea how happy I really am. I know you're as important to her as she is to you. You find her, Niall, and you bring her back." I said as I pulled away. 

He nodded his head once before walking out the door. 

Bring her back, Niall. 


Georgia’s POV


I woke up groggily to a dark room. The blinds were still shut but I could see hints of the sun shining through the gaps. My hand was still attached to the bed post and it was red and raw from all my pulling. My voice was a little hoarse from yelling at James whenever he walked through the door. 

It’s been about two days since I’ve been kidnapped. The only person I’ve ever seen was James and each time he came in all he did was taunt me. He kept saying that there was a big twist and he’d laugh whenever I’d ask what he meant. 

All I wanted was someone to come and save me. I wanted Niall to come and save me. But knew that he wouldn’t be able to do that in the span of two days. He may be a gangster but he’s no detective. I wonder how close he was though.

I then wondered about my parents. I was the only child. Were they worried? Was my mother angry? Did my parents blame Niall? I’m sure they did. They’d blame everyone and everything if something wrong happened like this. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if my mother blamed me for getting kidnapped.

But then again, she has a good heart. I knew that. I was just being a hormonal teenager and always seeing the bad in my mum. To be honest, there isn’t one thing that’s bad about her. Everything she’s ever done was for my own good. I guess I did overreact when she said the whole “oldest lie in the book thing”. I mean, she could’ve been joking or something. 

I can’t believe I got her mad over something so small. And I can’t believe that that was the last thing we talked about. I felt so bad. She was my mother for god’s sake! How could I be so terrible to her? We moved to Bane for a reason and that was to get away from all the bad influences of Ventor. She did that for me and i acted like she ruined my life. 

"Knock knock." A voice said as he opened the door. 

I looked up, expecting to see James but who I saw made me really shocked. My eyes widened and my whole body froze. Was this the shocker that James always told me about?

"You look surprised." He smirked. 

My eyes widened even more. His black hair bounced in his lopsided curls and his brown eyes twinkled with amusement. His lips were pulled up in a sneering smirk. His hands were halfway in his black jean pockets and he was leaning against the doorframe. His shoulders were clad in a black leather jacket and he wore a grey t-shirt. He bounced off the frame and slowly walked towards the bed. I immediately cringed towards the post. 

"Ah, Georgia." He sighed, the amusement clear in his voice. 

"Aaron." I breathed out. 

"Surprised to see me?" He grinned and sat beside me, leaning over my legs. I pulled my legs closer to my body. 

"Why?" I asked him. 

He laughed sadistically and placed a hand on my thigh. I cringed away but he only smirked. "Do you think that I could let you almost break my arm and get away with it?" He leaned close to me until his lips just brushed against mine. I squeezed my eyes shut. "I mean come on, honey, all I wanted was a kiss."

He pressed his lips up against mine and moved his lips. I kept still just praying to god he got off me. He pulled away but not enough for my liking. His lips were still likely against mine. "Come on, honey. Amuse me."

He smashed his lips against mine and i squeezed my eyes and opened them. I put my hand in his chest and pushed him as hard as I could. He pulled away with anger in his eyes. 

"Come on, Georgia. It's the least you can do. Plus, pushing me away won't get you out of here." He said calmly, his eyes flashing an angry black. 

He leaned in again and i gathered all my saliva and spat in his face. He pulled back, shocked and wiped off the saliva. He chuckled darkly. 

"You are so dead." He said. He raised his hand and backhanded my across the face. The force of blow made my head jerk to the side. The shock of it made the sting numb. 

"Who knew I could be so evil." He chuckled darkly again then pressed his lips against mine one more before leaving. 

I finally let the tears I kept inside go. I cried and sobbed and curled up into a ball. I felt so scared. I could feel the fear and panic pumping in my blood. I just wanted to go home and see my mum and my dad and Niall. 






I felt like you should all know what Georgia’s mum is really like. Also Aaron was in the first chapter for harassed Georgia in the first chapter.


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