Dangerously In Love

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2013
  • Updated: 15 Jan 2014
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COMPLETED. Georgia Brink had a wild past. She lived a dangerous life. She wanted out. Moving to Bane was supposed to be a new change for her. That was until she met Niall Horan. She swore to herself that she wouldn't get into the bad crowd. She promised herself she would be the good person she used to be. Will she keep her promises? Or will she fall for the badass, Niall Horan? ((first chapter to the sequel is up))


2. Chapter 2


Chapter 2


The rest of the day past by uneventfully. Nothing remotely interesting happened. First day here and I already want the year to end. It’s not because I’m at a new school, it’s because it’s so boring! Hardly any fights, uninteresting teachers and half the work I’m doing, I’ve already done. But there’s a whole lot of gossip, though.

I’ve heard that a Michael and a Jen broke up. I’ve heard that a Bradley got jumped the other day. I’ve heard that Jamie got lucky in the janitor’s closet. I’ve heard that Niall almost got arrested the other day. And over and over again, I heard my name being whispered because I’m new, because I’m hot, because I sat next to Niall, because he let me sit next to Niall.

So many people talk in this school, it’s as if you can’t do anything without people talking about it. They talk so much that they don’t feel ashamed to do in front of me, to say my name freely. Ugh, I hate moving to a different school and a different town.

I walked home, seeing as my parents took away my keys, my phone and my laptop. Being grounded is the damn worst thing. I don’t even understand why they had to do it. I got out before anything happened. 

I heard a car revving its way up to me when I was a few metres from my house. Its engine roaring loudly as it sped down the empty road. I watched the black ferrari drive past me at high speed. I also watched and heard with horror  as a gun went off and hit the back tire and the car spun in circles, hitting the pole. I quickly ran to the car whilst searching for the culprit of the gunshot. Whoever it was was a good hider. I usually have a keen eye for these things, i guess this guy knows what he’s doing.

I got to the banged up mess of the car and opened the driver’s door to see Niall. His head was on the steering wheel with some blood dripping from a gash on his forehead. I unbuckled his seatbelt and hauled him out of the car. I checked the sidewalk to see no one walking and the street absolutely empty. I checked his breathing, his pulse and I tried waking him up. He seemed to be perfectly fine, just unconscious. 

“Wake up.” I whispered in his ear while I shook him. He groaned and started to roll. I got up, took the keys out of the ignition and locked the car.

“Come on, kiddo.” I said as I picked him up off the ground and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I forced him to walk while his head lolled around. He kept groaning, it was starting to get on my nerves. 

I half-dragged and half-carried him to my house. My parents were both at work so they won’t be home until late at night. I opened my front door and laid him down on my grey couch before running up to the bathroom to retrieve the first-aid kit, a glass of water and a damp towel. When I came back, I found Niall starting to sit up in a disoriented gaze. His head moved back and forth, searching the room.

“Hello.” I said as I walked up to him. His eyes narrowed in scrutiny which made me slow down my pace. 

“What am I doing here?” He asked, his tone accusing.

“Someone shot at your car and you crashed. I was the only one there so I took you here. Your car is only a few metres away from here and your keys are right there.” I pointed to the keys on the coffee table. 

“Okay.” He nodded. “I’m leaving.” He stood up abruptly then fell back down in a daze.

“You banged up your head. I was going to fix that but you woke up.” I told him, walking towards him and setting the kit on the table. 

“You don’t need to, I’m fine.” He contradicted but I was already shaking my head.

“You could barely stand up.” I dictated as I dragged the coffee table closer to the seat. 

“You really don’t have to.” He said again.

“Yes, I really do. Look, you’re bleeding. Once I’m done you can leave.” I argued. He sighed and wiggled on the seat to get more comfortable. I took the damp towel and swiped at across his bleeding forehead. He hissed at the sting and I rolled my eyes.

“Man up. It’s not even that bad.” I scoffed. He didn’t answer me. I could feel his eyes on my face but I kept my attention on his gash. I wiped away the dried blood and some of the oozing blood. I poured some antiseptic on a gauze and wiped at the wound, making him hiss in pain again.

“Seriously?” I huffed. “You’d think he was man enough to be immune to this.” I grumbled.

“Oh shut up. I’d like to see you not make a sound when you put antiseptic on.” He exclaimed.

“I have, more than once.” I admitted.

“Whatever.” He muttered. I kept wiping on it until he stopped hissing, just for the fun of it.

“You’re lucky it’s not deep or else I would have had to put stitches on it.” I told him. I stuck a dressing on his forehead over the gash.

“Yeah, yeah. Can I leave now?” His tone sounded aggravated.

“Why are you annoyed? I’m the one who had to carry you here and fix you up while you cried like a baby.” I said. 

“I told you you didn’t have to!” He argued and I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, cause I’d let you leave with blood running down your face. Hell no.” I said to him.

“Whatever, thank you Georgia. I’m leaving.” He snatched his keys and made his way to the door.

“Men are so rude these days.” I said loudly to no one in particular.

“Excuse me.” I heard a voice from behind me and I turned around to see Niall still there.

“Oh, I thought you left.” I shrugged.

“I wasn’t rude.” He denied.

“Of course you were!” I told him.

“What did you want then?” He said a little sarcastically. 

“A genuine thank you and an explanation would suffice.” I sassed him. His eyes narrowed into slits.

“My thank you was genuine.” He emphasised.

“Said no one ever.” I grumbled. He walked towards me and sat on the couch.

“Please, sit down.” I said sarcastically and sat down myself on the coffee table opposite him.

“You’re so hard to please. You’re like a damn push over.” He fumed.

“And you, sir, have anger issues.” I snorted. “I’m waiting.” 

“For what?” He spat.

“An explanation.” I began. “And a genuine thank you.”

“I’m not going to tell you why people are shooting at me. I don’t even know you. There’s no way I’m going to tell you my life story.” Niall rolled his eyes. My temper was starting to rise and my patience was waning. I drummed my fingers on my thigh and raised an eyebrow. He sighed and leaned on his elbows on he knees.

“There’s just people out there to get me, alright?” He said in a concluding tone.

“Like what, a gang?” I snorted.

“Maybe, maybe not.” He shrugged his shoulders and leaned back on the back rest.

“Whatever.” I said. “You can leave once you thank me.” 

“Thank you, Georgia. That was very kind of you to heal my injuries and drag me here. I don’t know how to ever repay you.” His tone sounded genuine but I could see, deep in his crystal blue eyes, he was saying this sarcastically.

“You’re a good actor.” I told him. His eyebrows rose in surprise. “You may leave now.”

He looked at me for a second longer as if he was trying to figure me out. His eyes scanned over me, not in a checking out way but in more of a inspection way. I gave him a ‘what?’ expression and he walked out the door.





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