Dangerously In Love

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  • Published: 14 Mar 2013
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COMPLETED. Georgia Brink had a wild past. She lived a dangerous life. She wanted out. Moving to Bane was supposed to be a new change for her. That was until she met Niall Horan. She swore to herself that she wouldn't get into the bad crowd. She promised herself she would be the good person she used to be. Will she keep her promises? Or will she fall for the badass, Niall Horan? ((first chapter to the sequel is up))


19. Chapter 19

Chapter 19


Niall’s POV


Something was off. Something was definitely off.

I knew it the moment I hung up on Georgia. I could hear it in her voice, I could feel it in the palm of my hands and I could sense it in my gut. 

Something was off.

For some reason, i chose to ignore it. I knew I should’ve followed my instinct. I knew I should’ve ran out of detention as soon as I felt it. But I ignored it. I just stayed in detention like good little boy. 

So as soon as the teacher said I could go, I ran out of the room. I got into my ferrari and drove straight to Georgia’s.

Everything looked fine from the outside but that feeling was still there. The feeling of something really really bad. Maybe I was just paranoid because of James but this feeling was very different. It was a 100 times worse than paranoia. 

I opened her front door which she chose to leave open since her parents were going to come home. I expected to see the lights on and the curtains drawn open. But they weren't. It was dark inside the house and there were no signs of Georgia ever coming here. 

I ran up the stairs to her room, part of me hoping that she was sitting on her bed, her laptop on her lap and eating a red apple and she'd give me this cheesy smile that she always gave me. 

But she didn't because she wasn't there. Her bed was still made, her laptop was still on her desk and her bag was nowhere to be found. 

My heart began to fasten. I was completely freaking out right now. I whipped out my phone and dialed her number. I knew that she would answer her phone. She always answers her phone. My stomach dropped to the floor when it went straight to voicemail. 

Where the hell is Georgia!?

I ran out of her house and sped down to the cabin. I ran through the woods on the familiar path and opened the door. I half expected her to be on the floor, laughing at Louis and Zayn while drinking a beer with Harry and Liam. But she wasn't there and the only person there was Zayn. 

"Niall!" He grinned as he saw me open that door. But his grin slipped off his face when he noticed my scared look. 

His eyebrows knitted together as he looked at me worriedly. "What's wrong?"

"Have you seen Georgia?" I asked him, ignoring his question.

"No. Why? What happened?" He asked. 

I dropped to my knees and I could faintly hear Zayn yelling at me to get up and tell him what was wrong. But i couldn't. I knew something happened to her. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. And I knew for sure it was James. 

The problem was I had no idea where he took her. And what he's doing to her. And what he wants. 

My heart beat so fast in my ears. I had to find her. 

I knew I shouldn't have asked her to be my girlfriend. I knew it. I knew she'd get hurt or get blamed or something. I just knew it. 

This is all my fault. 

"Niall!" Harry screamed as he shook my shoulders back and forth.

"What?" I answered looking into his green worried eyes. 

"You were frozen for twenty minutes. Zayn called us saying that he was worried about you. What's going on?" Liam told me. 

"I-it's Georgia." I answered him, my eyes focusing in nothing in particular. The shock of it was still in me. 

"What happened to Georgia?" Louis almost demanded. 

"I think she's been taken." I whispered. 

"How do you know?" Zayn asked. 

"I can feel it, okay? I can feel it in my gut. I knew as soon as I hung up the phone on her this afternoon. I knew as soon as I walked out of the school. I knew as soon as I saw her house vacant. I just knew, okay!?" I yelled. 

"Okay, Niall be rational about this. Maybe she just went to the shops or something." Liam said calmly. 

"No, i know she has! She didn't answer her phone. She always answers her phone!" I shouted, waving my phone in their faces. 

"Have you tried any of her friends?" Louis asked. 

"Y-no I didn't." I told them as I was dialing Cindy's number. They kept quiet as Cindy answered the phone. 

"Niall?" I could hear the shock in her voice. 

"Hey, do you know where Georgia is?" I asked as calmly as I could but really all I could hear is the deafening pounding of my heart in my ears. 

"Not since the end of school. I thought she was with you?" She stated. My heart shattered. I was supposed to take her home. If only I did take her home i would know that she was safe. 

"No she isn't." I told her. 

"Oh, maybe ask Jared?" She suggested. 

"Okay, thanks Cindy." I hung up the phone. I looked to see the boys' hopeful faces but I shook my head and they all frowned. 

"Cindy doesn't know where she is." I state the obvious. 

"Well, maybe-" Harry was cut off by the ringing of my phone.

"Hello?" I answered. 

"I thought i told Georgia to not be with you anymore." A voice said sternly. 

"Mrs Brink?" I asked, confused. 

"Yes, it is Mrs Brink. Care to tell me why I came home to an empty house? Where's Georgia?" She asked impatiently. My heart broke all over again.

"Mrs Brink..." I started. I could hear the pain in my own voice. 

"Niall, you tell me where my daughter is." She commanded.

I blew out a ragged breath. "That's what i'm trying to figure out." I answered quietly. 

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, she walked home by herself and she's supposed to be home but she's not. And i'm freaking out Mrs Brink." I answered, almost yelling. 

The other line was quiet for a moment before i heard a loud thud. "Hanson..." I hear her sob. 

"Mindy, what's wrong?" I heard the muffled voice of Georgia's dad. I then heard the phone being passed over. 

"Hello?" Hanson asked. 

"Sir..." I started. 

"Care to tell me why my wife is in distraught and my daughter not home?" I could hear the tone of authority in his voice. 

"Sir, I don't know where Georgia is. I've been searching all afternoon for her." I answered with a shaky voice. 

"What do you mean you don't know where Georgia is!?" He yelled. 

"Sir, she walked home by herself but then she wasn't at her house when I went to look for her. Her friend Cindy says she has no idea where she is." I told him. "And sir... I'm scared. I've never been scared my whole life. Not even when my mum was murdered and I watched her die."

He was silent for a moment before he said, "I think we should talk. Come to the house now."

I didn't get to have a say in anything before he hung up. I looked up the guys, a little shocked. 

"What?" Zayn asked. 

"Georgia's dad just asked me to go to theirs." I answered, still shocked at his request. 

"What are you waiting for?" Liam shouted. "Go!" 

I immediately jumped up and power walked to the door. I practically jogged back to my car and sped to Georgia's house, my heart was pounding with fear. 






I wanted this done before I did my assignment :)


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